Battle of Changsha (1942)

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The third Battle of Changsha (24 December 1941 – 15 January 1942) was the first major offensive in China by Imperial Japanese forces following the Japanese attack on the Western Allies.[1]

The offensive was originally intended to prevent Chinese forces from reinforcing the British Commonwealth forces engaged in Hong Kong.[2][3] With the capture of Hong Kong on 25 December, however, it was decided to continue the offensive against Changsha in order to maximize the blow against the Chinese government.[4]

The offensive resulted in failure for the Japanese, as Chinese forces were able to lure them into a trap and encircle them. After suffering heavy casualties, the Japanese forces were forced to carry out a general retreat,[4] leaving behind large quantities of weapons, ammunition, and other supplies to be captured by the pursuing Chinese forces.[5]

Battle of Changsha (1942)
Part of the Second Sino-Japanese War of World War II
Battle of Changsha.jpg
A Chinese soldier mounts his ZB vz. 26 light machine gun at Changsha, January 1942.
Date 24 December 1941–15 January 1942
Result Chinese victory[4][5]

 Republic of China

 Empire of Japan

Commanders and leaders
Republic of China (1912–1949) Xue Yue Empire of Japan Korechika Anami
Casualties and losses
20,000 killed and wounded[5] 50,000 killed and wounded[5]
140 captured[5]



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Coordinates: 28°12′00″N 112°58′01″E / 28.2000°N 112.9670°E / 28.2000; 112.9670

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