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This is the order of battle for the Battle of Belgium, a World War II battle between German and Western Allies in Belgium between 10–28 May 1940.

Allied armed forces

Belgian air service

The Belgian Air Service (Aéronautique Militaire Belge) comprised three main aerial regiments:[1]

  • 1er Régiment d'Aéronautique (1st Air Regiment - Observation and Army Cooperation aircraft)
    • 1er Groupe (Fairey Fox)
    • 2e Groupe (Fairey Fox)
    • 3e Groupe (Fairey Fox)
    • 4e Groupe (Fairey Fox)
    • 5e Groupe (Renard R.31)
    • 6e Groupe (Renard R.31)
  • 2e Régiment d'Aéronautique (2nd Air Regiment - Fighter aircraft)
  • 3e Régiment d'Aéronautique (3rd Air Regiment - Reconnaissance and Bomber aircraft)

The Aéronautique Militaire Belge was reinforced by the Royal Air Force:

Belgian Army

The strength of the Belgian Army extended to seven Corps:


  • Brussels Cavalry Corps - which had the following:

Corps Staff

  • 1st and 2nd Cavalry Divisions, both of which were partially motorized. Each with three Mixed Cavalry Regiments each of which had a Horse cavalry battalion, a motorcycle battalion, an armored car squadron, and a training squadron
  • Corps Artillery Regiment
  • Bicycle Pioneer battalion


  • Chasseurs Ardennais - 1st and 2nd Chasseurs Ardennais, both of which were partially motorized.

French First Army Group

1st Army

2nd Army

7th Army

9th Army

British Expeditionary Force

General Lord Gort

German armed forces

Army Group B

Commanded by Colonel General Fedor von Bock


The Luftwaffe order of battle for operations over Belgium:[12]


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