Battle of Beledweyne (2011)

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Battle of Beledweyne
Part of Somali Civil War, War in Somalia (2009-present)
Central Somalia.png
Date December 2011 - Ongoing
Result Ethiopian-TFG Victory
Ethiopian forces capture Beledweyne


Foreign Mujahideen


Commanders and leaders
Sheikh Abu Mus'ab

SomaliaSharif Ahmed

Somalia Abdiweli Mohamed Ali
Casualties and losses
12 from both sides

In December 2011, Ethiopian forces recaptured the central Somali town of Beledweyne from Al-Shabaab fighters.

The Fighting

al-Shabbab claimed to have repelled three Ethiopian attacks and then made a "tactical withdrawal". Ethiopian-TFG forces easily captured the town;[1] however, residents still feared that the al-Shabbab would return and fight for the town. Eyewitnesses claimed both sides used heavy artillery and weapons.[2][3][4][5]


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