Bas of Bithynia

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Kings of Bithynia
Reign c. 376-326 BC
Predecessor Boteiras
Successor Zipoetes I
Born c. 397 BC
Died c. 326 BC (age 71)

Bas (Greek: Βᾶς; c. 397 BC – 326) was the first independent ruler of Bithynia. He ruled for fifty years, from 376 to 326 BC, and died at the age of 71.


Bas succeeded his father Boteiras, and was himself succeeded by his own son Zipoetes I.

Bas defeated Calas, a general of Alexander the Great, and maintained the independence of Bithynia.[1]



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Preceded by
Dynast of Bithynia Succeeded by
Zipoetes I
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