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BandNews TV
BandNews TV logo 2010.svg
Launched March 19, 2001
Network Rede Bandeirantes
Owned by Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan A notícia não para, não.
(News does not stop, no.)
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese
Broadcast area Brazil
United States
Angola & Worldwide
Headquarters São Paulo (SP)
SKY Channel 171 (SD)
Claro TV

Channel 79 (SD)

Channel 579 (HD)
Oi TV Channel 180 (SD)
Vivo TV Channel 136 (SD)
Algar TV Channel 405 (SD)

Channel 79 (SD)

Channel 579 (HD)
Vivo TV Channel 583 (SD)

BandNews TV is the first Brazilian rolling news television channel, owned by Grupo Bandeirantes. It was the second news channel launched in the Brazilian cable/satellite market.

The history of BandNews dated back to 19 March 2001, when it was launched by Grupo Bandeirantes. The first ever newscast aired at 11am that day. BandNews's programming was formatted around the idea (like CNN Headline News) that a viewer could tune in at any time of day or night (instead of having to wait for the morning or evening news programs/round-ups on Record News and GloboNews channels), and receive up-to-date information on the top Brazilian and international stories in just 15 minutes. The initial investments from BAND for the channel were infrastructures, technical staffs and journalists, which cost them $6 million. Right at the launch, it reached 1 million viewers across Brazil on DIRECTV, NEOTV and independent pay-TV providers.

The channel also broadcasts Jornal da Band weeknights at 8:30, one hour later the original broadcast on Band. Outside the news bulletins, BandNews TV runs talk shows about business and culture and short documentaries during the break. BandNews is the third most watched Brazilian news channel around the country after GloboNews and Record News and it was the first Brazilian news network to broadcast in HD.

In 2016, because the channel was added to SlingTV, it is now the only 24-hour Portuguese-speaking news provider in South America.

BandNews is hugely popular by its credibility, dynamism and fast-paced coverage of news. This led to the launched of the radio service, which kicked off at midnight, 20 May 2005. The initial idea of the TV channel is also used on the radio station, with a slightly longer news wheel (20 minutes, including opinions from anchors and columnists.)

History of on-screen contents

From the channel's launch to 2006, its logo was: "BAND" in blue and "NEWS" in white italic. They were both bold and stick together. On the air, BandNews TV ran two-line ticker (not accounted for all the lower part of the screen), showed on-screen headline right now (upper line) and news + weather (lower line). To make the time not confused, the channel showed Brazil logo just before the current time and right after the current day.

From 2006 to 2011, the logo was now on the box, which was generally all italic. "BAND" was now on the upper half (white background) and "NEWS" was now on the lower half (blue background). The news ticker was improved to three-line and accounted for all the lower part of the screen, includes: on-screen headline right now (upper line), hour's top stories (middle line) and main news from culture, world, sports, business (lower line). The channel also featured a small two-line ticker just above this three-line running one, showing Brazilian dollar (upper) and stock markets from Brazil, Europe, and Asia (lower). Under the logo, there was still the time and the day, but they weren't put together anymore. As the channel started to use the slogan A notícia em primeiro lugar, this was the sign-in and sign-off tagline in every news report.

From 2011 to 2016, nothing change in logo, except the new 3D format. BandNews TV still kept its three-line ticker format, but with 3 changes:

  • The upper part was now in oval (formerly rectangle).
  • Stock market was on the lower-third ticker, and it now only showed Bovespa (left) and Brazilian dollar (right). This ticker also became unnecessary for news, because the logo, time and day now were also put here.
  • All the words in the middle part of the ticker now were written in bold. They were also smaller.

Now, as it unveiled new logo (stop on the 3D format), it had a new ticker. It was not accounted all the lower part of the screen anymore, and the ticker now move to two-line, similar content to the 2001-2006 ticker (the upper line was bigger than the lower line). It also stopped providing on-ticker stock markets. The time (dark background) and the day (blue background) are put on a small box at the upper left on the screen.


  • 2001-2006: Muito mais notícia. (Much more news.)
  • 2006-2014: A notícia em primeiro lugar. (The news first.)
  • Since 2014: A notícia não para, não. (News does not stop, no.)

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