Bakhtiari dialect

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Native to Iran
Ethnicity Lur people, Bakhtiari people
Native speakers
1 million (2001)[1]
350,000 monolinguals
Persian alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-3 bqi
Glottolog bakh1245[3]
Map of Lurish speakers

Bakhtiari dialect is a dialect of Southern Luri spoken by Bakhtiari people in Chaharmahal-o-Bakhtiari, Bushehr, western Khuzestan and parts of Isfahan and Lorestan provinces. It is closely related to the Boir-Aḥmadī, Kohgīlūya, and Mamasanī dialects in northwestern Fars. These dialects, together with the Lori dialects of Lorestan (e.g. Khorramabadi dialect), are referred to as the “Perside” southern Zagros group, or Lori dialects. "Luri and Bakhtiari are much more closely related to Persian, than Kurdish."[4] The Bakhtiari dialect is considered a middle Persian dialect which could survive through history. There do exist transitional dialects between Southern Kurdish and Lori-Bakhtiāri', and Lori-Bakhtiāri itself may be called a transitional idiom between Kurdish and Persian, with most of the language originating from Persian.[5]


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