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Bahraini Citizenship Act
Emblem of Bahrain.svg
Parliament of Bahrain
An Act relating to Bahraini citizenship
Enacted by Government of Bahrain
Status: Current legislation

Bahraini nationality law states who is a citizen of Bahrain. Foreigners are rarely given citizenship.

By Birth

Children born to a foreign father who himself is born in Bahrain and has a Permanent Resident Permit or born to unknown parents are Bahraini citizens by birth.[1]

By Descent

Children born to a Bahraini father or an unknown or stateless father and Bahraini mother irrespective of the place of birth are Bahraini citizens by descent.

By Marriage

Foreign woman who marry a Bahraini man has right to Bahraini citizenship. If a Bahraini woman marries a foreign man she will lose her citizenship unless she wants to keep it. If she divorces and returns to country she has the right to citizenship.

By Naturalization

Foreigner may acquire citizenship through the following ways:

  • Legally lived in Bahrain for 25 years (15 if an Arab citizen).
  • Has knowledge of the Arabic language.
  • Has real estate under his or her name.
  • Not a criminal; has a good reputation.

The wife and minor children of a recently naturalized man are considered to be naturalized citizens also.

Loss of citizenship

A naturalized Bahraini citizen may lose citizenship in the following ways:

  • Has acquired Bahraini citizenship under false claims.
  • Any honor crime committed within 5 years of acquiring citizenship.


A Bahraini citizen may be denaturalized in the following cases:

  • Enters military service of another nation even if is told not to.
  • Enters the service of an Enemy Nation
  • Causes harm to the State.

Travel freedom

Visa requirements for Bahraini citizens

In February 2018, Bahraini citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 78 countries and territories, ranking the Bahraini passport 55th in the world according to the Visa Restrictions Index.


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