Avnei Eitan

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Avnei Eitan
אַבְנֵ"י אֵיתָ"ן
Hebrew transcription(s)
 • official Avne Eitan
Avnei Eitan is located in the Golan Heights
Avnei Eitan
Avnei Eitan
Coordinates: 32°49′29″N 35°46′00″E / 32.82472°N 35.76667°E / 32.82472; 35.76667Coordinates: 32°49′29″N 35°46′00″E / 32.82472°N 35.76667°E / 32.82472; 35.76667
District Northern
Council Golan
Population (2017)[1] 700

Avnei Eitan (Hebrew: אַבְנֵ"י אֵיתָ"ן‬) is an Israeli settlement and moshav on the Golan Heights located at an elevation of 385 meters (1,263 ft) above sea level. In 2017 it had a population of 700.[1]


Avnei Eitan was founded after the 1973 Yom Kippur War in memory of six Israeli soldiers killed in battle. The international community considers Israeli settlements in the Golan Heights illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this.[2]


The nearby stream, Nahal El Al (Hebrew) or Wadi Dafila (Arabic) is a popular hiking destination and contains the Black Waterfall, named for its black basalt rock and located closest to Avnei Eitan, and the White Waterfall, named for its white limestone rock.[3][4]

Avnei Eitan is an Orthodox Jewish agricultural community in Gush Hispin, a bloc of religious communities in the southern Golan Heights. The moshav receives municipal services from the Golan Regional Council.

About 80 families live in Avnei Eitan, including 20 families evicted from Gush Katif, mainly from Netzer Hazani and Kfar Darom.

The community is host to the Mechinat Avnei Eitan pre-military yeshiva, also known as the "Leadership Yeshiva Academy," attended by mainly by English-speaking overseas students. Many graduates of the school serve in elite units in the Israel Defense Forces.[5]

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