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Australian Wool Board
Statutory board overview
Formed 28 May 1936 (1936-05-28)
Dissolved 31 December 1972 (1972-12-31)
Superseding agencies
  • Australian Wool Bureau
  • Australian Wool Corporation [I]
Jurisdiction Australia
Headquarters Melbourne, Victoria

The Australian Wool Board was an Australian Government statutory board that existed in its first phase between May 1936 and January 1945; in its second phase between June 1945 and June 1953; and in its third and final phase, between May 1963 and December 1972.[1][2][3]

The functions of each three Boards varied, with its most recent reincarnation having the widest powers that included the promotion of the use of wool and wool products in Australia and other countries; the power to inquire into, and from time to time report upon the methods of marketing wool and any other matters connected with the marketing of wool; and such other functions as are conferred on the Board by the Australian Government or as approved by the Minister for Primary Industries.[4]

The activities of the Board were funded by a levy on woolgrowers first instituted to finance wool promotion activities in 1936 and later supplemented by funding from the Australian Government.[5]


The objectives of the Board were:

  • Joint international promotion of wool products through the International Wool Secretariat with the Wool Boards of New Zealand, South Africa, and Uruguay;[5]
  • Provision of testing services for wool and wool products;[5]
  • Provision of advice to government on wool research activities by government bodies in relation to the needs of the wool industry;[5] and
  • Oversight of all aspects of wool marketing but without executive powers over marketing.[5]

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