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Bishop Augustin Henninghaus: official photograph from the time of his consecration on 30 October 1904
The bishop aged 60

Augustin Henninghaus SVD (11 September 1862, Menden (Sauerland), Province of Westphalia – 20 July 1939) was a German Roman Catholic missionary and bishop in China.


Henninghaus, whose baptismal name was August, was born in Menden in the present North Rhine-Westphalia. After attendance at the local secondary school and two further years of private education he entered the Society of the Divine Word, or Steyler Missionaries, on 11 October 1879. He was ordained to the priesthood on 30 May 1885.

In 1886, he was sent as a missionary to China. In 1904 Pope Pius X made him Vicar Apostolic of Southern Shantung (renamed the Vicariate Apostolic of Yenchowfu on 3 December 1924) and titular bishop of Hypaepa. In 1910 he founded the women's order of the Oblates of the Holy Family, who still operate in Taiwan and China, and as of 2010 number approximately 200 sisters.

In 1935 the bishop retired, but continued to live in China until his death in Yanzhou on 20 July 1939.[1]


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