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As-Suwaydi (1204–1292, AH 604–690, full name ‘Izz al-Dīn Abū Isḥāq Ibrāhīm ibn Muḥammad ibn Ṭarkhān as-Suwaydī ابراهيم ابن محمد ابن طرخان السويدى) was a medieval Arab[1] physician from the Aws tribe,[2] and a pupil of Ibn al-Baytar. Active in Cairo and Damascus, he compiled three works: a treatise on plant names, a treatise on the medical use of stones, and a book of medical recipes and procedures (Tadhkirah). As-Suwaydi's Tadhkirah was epitomized by Shaʿrānī in the 16th century.[3]


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