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Army Board
Army Board Member Flag.png
Flag of a military member of the Army Board
Agency overview
Formed 1964
Preceding agency
Jurisdiction United Kingdom United Kingdom
Headquarters Whitehall, Westminster, London
Agency executive
Parent agency Ministry of Defence

The Army Board is the top single-service management committee of the British Army, and has always been staffed by senior politicians and soldiers. Until 1964 it was known as the Army Council.[2]

Membership of the Board

The composition is as follows:[3]

The Executive Committee of the Army Board (ECAB) dictates the policy required for the Army to function efficiently and meet the aims required by the Defence Council and government. The Chief of the General Staff is the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Army Board.

In 2015, the newly created Army Sergeant Major became the first enlisted soldier to be a member of the Executive Committee of the Army Board.[4]

Former members of the board

Included: [5][6]

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