Arcadia Charter School

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Arcadia Charter School
Arcadia Charter School

United States
Coordinates 44°26′22.5″N 93°11′6″W / 44.439583°N 93.18500°W / 44.439583; -93.18500Coordinates: 44°26′22.5″N 93°11′6″W / 44.439583°N 93.18500°W / 44.439583; -93.18500
Type Public Charter
Established 2001 (2001)
Director Barb Wornson
Faculty 17.29
Grades 6–12
Enrollment 120

"Artech School" and "ARTech Charter school" redirect here. For other uses see Artech.

Arcadia Charter School (often referred to as ARTech Charter School) is a project-based 6–12 charter school located in Northfield, Minnesota, United States. The school has previously been known as South-Eastern Minnesota School of Arts and Technology prior to 2003,[1] and Northfield School of Arts and Technology from 2003 to 2012.[2]

History and curriculum

A community group that included Jim Blaha, Winona Estes, Maryrose Gondeck, Keith Johnson, Leisa Irwin, Paula Manor, Anne Mikkelson and Griff Wigley founded Northfield School of Arts and Technology in 2001, with the purpose of creating a project-based learning environment similar to New Country School in Henderson.

Today, Arcadia has 4 advisories(similar to traditional classrooms) that students may work on independent projects in. There are 2 Middle school advisories and 2 High school advisories. Middle School students are required to take "CORE" classes that include Art, Social studies, Math, Language, Choir, and Science. Math is required for all High school students, and 9th graders have to take 9th grade literature and 9th grade composition. High school students are required to have a certain number of credits in order to graduate, and can get them through elective classes (non-required classes) or independent projects.


School board

The school is an independent school district, governed by a board of 9.

The first school board meeting occurred on October 25, 2001.[3]


Northfield School of Arts and Technology is currently directed (a "director" is similar to a traditional principal) by Barb Wornson.

  • Leisa Irwin (2003 – 2004)
  • Timothy Goodwin (2004 – 2008)
  • Simon Tyler (2008 – 2011)
  • Ryan Krominga (2011 – 2015)
  • Patrick Exner (2015 – 2016)
  • Barb Wornson (2016 - present)

Renewable energy

Artech is on a team called Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon, which is a team of 100 different schools in Minnesota reducing as much energy as possible in 3 years.

Solar panels

During the summer of 2008, Artech installed a 2.8 Kilowatt solar panel system, and has since seen a decrease in electrical bills.


A group of students are looking to build a greenhouse at Artech. The cost-estimate to build the greenhouse is $12,000. among the Vegetables it will grow are Turnips, Basil, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Lettuce, Onions, and Spinach.

Sustainable energy ("green") team

Indeed, Artech also has a team focused solely on reducing the school's impact on the environment, lowering energy bills, and reducing the trash coming from the school. Some ideas they have for accomplishing these tasks are installing a Wind turbine, taking out light fixtures, and collecting runoff water.



Thanks-Give is a special fundraiser at Artech, where people pay to do stuff such as throwing pies at teachers. At the end of the event, all 4 advisories dress up their teachers and act out a scene that falls into a certain category for the year. Thanks-Give had an Auction until 2008, when the auction was created as a separate event.


The Artech Auction, led by a guest auctioneer, was separated from Thanks-Give in 2008. it is actually 2 separate auctions; one live and one silent. Friends of Artech donate services to be auctioned off. Before the auction starts, there is also a potluck dinner.

Arts for Martin

Arts for Martin is an event celebrating the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is generally low-key compared to other events, such as Thanks-Give. In this event, students, teachers, and community members alike perform arts such as Interpretive dance, poetry, and singing.

Earth day concert

On earth day, students, staff, and community members perform downtown to promote environmental issues. 2008 was this event's first year.

Particularly short play festival

Artech's Particularly Short Play Festival features many student-written, student-directed plays, all less than 10 minutes in length.

Artech bike-a-thon

On May 24, 2008, a group of students organized 4 bike rides (8-mile, 20-mile, 35-mile, and 65-mile rides). Community members paid $10 to ride, which went towards the Artech solar project. Unlike other fundraisers the school has held, the bike-a-thon has not happened annually, although it may come again to raise money for other projects.

Student population

Arcadia Charter School currently holds roughly 120 students and 93.3% of whom are white.[4] 22% of students are on a special education program.[5]


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