Arameans Suryoye football team

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Arameans Suryoye
Shirt badge/Association crest
Association Arameans Suryoye Football Association
Confederation ConIFA
First colours
First international
Template:Country data Aremeans Suryoye 1–0 Sápmi 
(Gällivare, Sweden; 9 July, 2008)
Biggest win
Template:Country data Aremeans Suryoye 5–0 Provence 
(Malmberget, Sweden; 10 July, 2008)
Biggest defeat
Template:Country data Aremeans Suryoye 1–4 Padania 
(Malmberget, Sweden; 12 July, 2008)
ConIFA World Football Cup
Appearances 1 (first in 2014 ConIFA World Football Cup)
Best result 3rd (2014)

The Arameans Suryoye football team is the representative football team for Syriacs (Arameans) worldwide. They are not affiliated with FIFA or Asian Football Confederation, and therefore cannot compete for the FIFA World Cup or Asian Cup. The team played in the 2008 VIVA World Cup reaching the final which they lost 2–0 to Padania. The team played in the CONIFA World Football Cup 2014 in Östersund, Sweden, and won bronze medal in the game against South Ossetia with 1–4.[1]

Selected internationals

Date Venue Opponent Score
13-07-2008 2008 VIVA World CupSápmi  Arameans Suryoye  Padania 0–2
12-07-2008 2008 VIVA World CupSápmi  Arameans Suryoye  Padania 1–4
11-07-2008 2008 VIVA World CupSápmi  Arameans Suryoye  Iraqi Kurdistan 0–0
10-07-2008 2008 VIVA World CupSápmi  Arameans Suryoye  Provence 5–0
09-07-2008 2008 VIVA World CupSápmi  Arameans Suryoye  Sápmi 1–0

Competitive Record

World Cup

Year Round Position P W D L GS GA
Viva World Cup
Occitania 2006 Did Not Enter
Sápmi (area) 2008 Runners-Up 2nd 5 3 0 2 7 6
Padania 2009 Did Not Enter
Gozo 2010 Did Not Enter
Iraqi Kurdistan 2012 Did Not Enter
ConIFA World Football Cup
Sápmi (area) 2014 Third Place 3rd 5 3 1 1 9 6
Abkhazia 2016 Did Not Qualify
Total 2/6 0 Titles 10 6 1 3 16 12

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