White-bodied catshark

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White-bodied catshark
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Chondrichthyes
Order: Carcharhiniformes
Family: Scyliorhinidae
Genus: Apristurus
A. albisoma
Binomial name
Apristurus albisoma
Nakaya & Séret, 1999
Apristurus albisoma distmap.png

The white-bodied catshark (Apristurus albisoma) is a catshark of the family Scyliorhinidae.


This shark is coloured whitish to light grey.[2]


This species is found in the western Pacific.[3] The area of occupancy of this small benthic endemic shark was presumed very limited (less than 2,000 km²), being restricted to a narrow depth band on insular and seamount slopes near New Caledonia.[2] However this species has been collected in waters of the north of New Zealand on the West Norfolk Ridge.[2]

Conservation status

Although this species has been classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as of least concern, there is a worry that this species may be taken as un-utilised bycatch by deepwater trawl fisheries and that, like other deepwater species, it may not be sufficiently fecund to withstand exploitation pressure in these fisheries.[1] The New Zealand Department of Conservation has classified the white-bodied catshark as "Data deficient" under the New Zealand Threat Classification System.[4]


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