Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue

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Four Rhythm Across the Blue
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm game cover.jpg
Original visual novel cover featuring heroines (from left to right): Misaki Tobisawa, Mashiro Arisaka, Asuka Kurashina and Rika Ichinose
(Ao no Kanata no Fō Rizumu)
Genre Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, Sports
Developer Sprite
Publisher Sprite
Genre Eroge, Visual novel
Platform Windows, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
  • JP: November 28, 2014 (Windows)
  • JP: Q4 2017 (Switch)
Written by Sprite
Illustrated by Hideyu Tōgarashi
Published by Kadokawa Corporation
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Comp Ace
Original run December 2015 – present
Volumes 1
Anime television series
Directed by Fumitoshi Oizaki
Written by Reiko Yoshida
Music by Elements Garden
Studio Gonzo
Licensed by
Original network TV Tokyo, TVA, TVO, AT-X
Original run January 12, 2016March 29, 2016
Episodes 12 (List of episodes)
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm: Eternal Sky
Developer Sprite
Publisher Sprite
Platform Android, iOS
Released October 5, 2016
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm: Zwei
Developer Sprite
Publisher Sprite
Genre Eroge, Visual novel
Platform Windows
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm: Extra 1
Developer Sprite
Publisher Sprite
Genre Eroge, Visual novel
Platform Windows
Released April 28, 2017
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Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue, known in Japan as Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (蒼の彼方のフォーリズム, Ao no Kanata no Fō Rizumu, subtitled Beyond the sky, into the firmament), officially abbreviated as Aokana (あおかな) and translated as Four Rhythm Across the Blue,[1] is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Sprite and released for Windows on November 28, 2014. The game was ported to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, and will also be ported to the Nintendo Switch. A manga adaptation began publication in Comp Ace magazine in October 2015. An anime television series adaptation, produced by Gonzo and directed by Fumitoshi Oizaki, aired between January and March 2016. A mobile game spinoff was released in October 2016, while a sequel and a visual novel spinoff are currently in production.


Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue is a romance visual novel in which the player assumes the role of Masaya Hinata. Much of its gameplay is spent on reading the story's narrative and dialogue. The text in the game is accompanied by character sprites, which represent who Masaya is talking to, over background art. Throughout the game, the player encounters CG artwork at certain points in the story, which take the place of the background art and character sprites. The game follows a branching plot line with multiple endings, and depending on the decisions that the player makes during the game, the plot will progress in a specific direction.

There are four main plot lines that the player will have the chance to experience, one for each heroine. Throughout gameplay, the player is given multiple options to choose from, and text progression pauses at these points until a choice is made. Some decisions can lead the game to end prematurely, which offer an alternative ending to the plot. To view all plot lines in their entirety, the player will have to replay the game multiple times and choose different choices to further the plot to an alternate direction. Throughout gameplay, there are scenes with sexual CGs depicting Masaya and a given heroine having sex.


In an alternate universe, shoes with anti-gravity properties are invented called Grav-Shoes, which allow people to fly freely. This leads to the development of a sport known as Flying Circus, where participants either race from one buoy to another or touch the opponent's back to score points. Masaya Hinata is a student at Kunahama Institute, which is located in a four-island archipelago south of Japan. In the past, he was active in the sport, but quit due to an overwhelming defeat. His life changes when a cheerful girl named Asuka Kurashina transfers to his school. There, Asuka becomes interested in Flying Circus, and despite being unfamiliar with the sport and a newcomer to the use of Grav-Shoes, she manages to score a point during a match with the Vice-Captain of a powerhouse school, which is a truly amazing feat. This leads Asuka and Masaya, together with their classmate Misaki Tobisawa, a first-year student called Mashiro Arisaka and siblings Shion and Madoka Aoyagi to form a Flying Circus team, with the goal of finding success during the Flying Circus summer tournament. At the tournament, the world of Flying Circus is rocked by a new technique known as Birdcage, which leads to defeats for all the participants by a relative newcomer, Saki Inui, becoming the tournament's champion. As a result of her defeat, Misaki temporarily quits Flying Circus, and the club thinks of a strategy on how to beat Saki at the fall tournament. At the fall tournament, Asuka manages to defeat Saki during overtime, and Saki and the club members become friends.


Main characters

Masaya Hinata (日向 晶也, Hinata Masaya)
Voiced by: Ryōta Ōsaka (anime)
Masaya is the player character in the visual novels. The coach of the Kunahama Institute Flying Circus team. He was destined to be a world-class FC player, but after suffering a crushing defeat in a match, he retired from the sport and went on with his high school life wanting to have nothing to do with FC. Upon meeting Asuka, he becomes her coach, but he still refuses to play. It is only after Misaki's return to the team and the determination of the other girls he decides to train alongside the girls. At the end of the series, he regains his desire to play FC again and is shown in his full gear while training the girls.
Asuka Kurashina (倉科 明日香, Kurashina Asuka)
Voiced by: Natsu Sawada (PC game), Misato Fukuen (PSV game, anime)
Flying style: All-rounder
Being a transfer student at Kunahama Institute, Asuka had never worn Grav-Shoes prior to moving to the island, but is able to pull off an air kick turn (a very difficult maneuver) her first time flying with them. Despite her ditziness she is also determined at times, training hard while having fun. She met Masaya when they were children and he inspired her to fly, but neither seems to remember the encounter. She forms a strong friendship with Misaki as the anime series progresses.
Misaki Tobisawa (鳶沢 みさき, Tobisawa Misaki)
Voiced by: Yuri Konno (PC game), Azumi Asakura (PSV game, anime)
Flying style: Fighter
A second-year student at Kunahama Institute. Out of all the new Kunahama FC club members, she is the only one with previous experience in the sport. She and Mashiro are good friends, but in the anime Misaki forms a very strong friendship with Asuka as the series progressed. She has a fascination of cats and sometimes tends to add the word "nyaa" (Japanese for the sound "meow" that cats make) into her speech. Her favorite food is udon. While at first she only joined the team on a whim, Asuka convinced her to return, coming to really enjoy the FC. It is heavily implied she's the rookie that defeated Masaya during the last game of his career, causing him to stop playing FC.
Mashiro Arisaka (有坂 真白, Arisaka Mashiro)
Voiced by: Mito Sera (PC game), Nozomi Yamamoto (PSV game, anime)
Flying style: Speeder
A first-year student at Kunahama whose family owns a restaurant that serves Misaki's favorite food, udon. She is very overprotective of Misaki and joins the FC club to be with her. She starts out as a Fighter because that is Misaki's flying style, but after befriending and training alongside Rika she realizes that she is more suited to be a Speeder.
Rika Ichinose (市ノ瀬 莉佳, Ichinose Rika)
Voiced by: Mako Mishiro (PC game), Madoka Yonezawa (PSV game, anime)
Flying style: Speeder
Masaya's neighbor and a first-year student at Takafuji Academy, a school with one of the top FC teams. She befriends Mashiro when she helps her improve her playing style. Her favorite food is meat. While one of the heroines in the visual novel, she is a supporting character in the anime.

Other characters

Reiko Satōin (佐藤院 麗子, Satōin Reiko)
Voiced by: Rikka Kitami (PC game), Ryōko Ono (PSV game), Risa Taneda (anime)
Flying style: All-rounder
A second-year student at Takafuji and the Vice-Captain of the Takafuji FC club. She tend to be a little proud and self-centered, often making 'grand entrances'. She actually added the "-in" to the end of her family name "Satou", and Kazunari likes teasing her by calling her by her real name. Her family runs the Satou Food Group, a catering company famous for their high-quality seafood.
Saki Inui (乾 沙希, Inui Saki)
Voiced by: Yūka Kotorii (PC game), Natsumi Takamori (PSV game, anime)
Flying style: Speeder
A second-year student at Kairyou Academy. She had previously participated in FC in England and is one of the fastest players in the world. She has a rather emotionless demeanor on the surface, but has a soft spot for cats, as such having the two cat-shaped hairclips around her plaits. She has been best friends with Irina since they were children and follows her every command while playing. In her final match with Asuka, she truly starts to enjoy FC and becomes friends with Asuka and her friends.
Aoi Kagami (各務 葵, Kagami Aoi)
Voiced by: Megumi Ogata
The physical and health education teacher at Kunahama Institute and a former national FC player. She serves as Masaya's mentor and the FC club's advisor. During her player days she created a style called Birdcage which consists on controlling the opponent, something she's not proud of and dislikes that Irina and Saki brought back the technique. After Masaya returns to play, she also joins her students in training. After Asuka unlocks her balancer in her final match with Saki, Aoi comes to realize that her Birdcage ultimately had a positive effect, now causing the current FC to evolve again with no balance limiters.
Shion Aoyagi (青柳 紫苑, Aoyagi Shion)
Voiced by: Teppei Hirabayashi (PC game), Takayuki Kondō (PSV game, anime)
Flying style: Speeder
A third-year student at Kunahama Institute and the president of the Kunahama FC club. He is the last remaining member of the club before Masaya and others joined and tends to be overly dramatic in his actions.
Madoka Aoyagi (青柳 窓果, Aoyagi Madoka)
Voiced by: Miyako Suzuta (PC game), Naomi Wakabayashi (PSV game, anime)
Manager of the Kunahama FC club and classmate of Asuka, Masaya and Misaki. She is Shion's younger sister. When her brother graduates she becomes the team's new captain, and tends to be the straight man in the antics of the other members.
Minori Hosaka (保坂 実里, Hosaka Minori)
Voiced by: Hozumi Momoi (PC game), Yūko Gibu (PSV game, anime)
Mashiro's classmate and member of the newspaper club in Kunahama. She's very energetic and always carries around a microphone. She is also the commentator for the FC tournaments.
Hayato Shirase (白瀬 隼人, Shirase Hayato)
Voiced by: Uta Kijima (PC game), Takahiro Mizushima (PSV game, anime)
A worker at Sky Sports Shirase, a sporting goods store owned by his family that sells FC equipment. He's also an old acquaintance of Aoi.
Minamo Shirase (白瀬 みなも, Shirase Minamo)
Voiced by: Yami Toyotaki (PC game), Ai Shimizu (PSV game, anime)
Hayato's younger sister. She helps out at the store and has a shy personality.
Botan Arisaka (有坂 牡丹, Arisaka Botan)
Voiced by: Emi Yamato (PC game), Hitomi Nabatame (PSV game, anime)
Mashiro's mother and owner of the family restaurant Mashiro Udon.
Kazunari Shindō (真藤 一成, Shindō Kazunari)
Voiced by: Charlie Umesaki (PC game), Kazuyuki Okitsu (PSV game, anime)
Flying style: All-rounder
Captain of the Takafuji FC club. He is a world-class FC player. He was inspired by Masaya to participate in FC hoping to beat him someday. He comes to see Asuka as a worthy opponent and uses his best tactics to defeat her after seeing she can keep up with him. He's defeated by Saki in the finals, but takes his lose surprisingly well. He later assists Masaya and co in training preparation for Saki's Birdcage after Misaki requests his help.
Irina Avalon (イリーナ・アヴァロン, Irīna Avaron)
Voiced by: Yūko Nōmi (PC game), Kaori Mizuhashi (PSV game, anime)
A second-year student at Kairyou Academy and Saki's coach. Originally from England, she is the daughter of a famous Grav-Shoe maker. She is obsessed in creating the "perfect and beautiful" FC based on Aoi's style and believes the current game is "false", convincing Saki that only their methods are necessary to win, wishing for a chance to prove her point by winning two tournaments in a row and forcing the FC Community to admit that their FC is far superior to that "circus imitation". However, after Asuka and Saki face each other with no balance limiters, she begins to enjoy the current FC and even shows remorse to Aoi after the match, acknowledging that her view of FC was wrong.
Arika Okoze (虎魚 有梨華, Okoze Arika)
Voiced by: Hiori Hitsuki (PC game), Ema Kogure (PSV game, anime)
Flying style: Speeder
A first-year student at Shitou Suisan Academy. She is a close friend of Mashiro having known her since she was a baby. Her favorite food is tuna and is mockingly nicknamed "Maguro-chan".
Mayu Ganeko (我如古 繭, Ganeko Mayu)
Voiced by: Mima Yūki (PC game), Nozomi Sasaki (PSV game, anime)
A second-year student at Shitou Suisan Academy and Arika's 'senpai' or senior and coach. She is admired greatly by Arika, who calls her 'milady'.
Masked player (覆面選手, Fukumen senshu)
A side character in the novel series (not in anime).
Kasumi Kurobuchi (黒渕 霞, Kurobuchi Kasumi)
Voiced by: Kanami Fukashiro (PC game), Yuki Kaida (PSV game, anime)
A second-year student at Dougaura High and Asuka's opponent in the second round of the Summer Tournament.

Development and release

Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue is Sprite's second game after their debut title Love, Election and Chocolate. The game's producer was Akira Sakamoto. The project's planning was headed by Nachi Kio, who also contributed as the main scenario writer alongside Ryōichi Watanabe and Ryūsuke Mutsu. Artist Suzumori served as the art director and co-character designer with Itsuka Yūki. The background music was produced by members of Elements Garden.[2][3] The game was released on November 28, 2014 as a limited edition version, playable on a Windows PC.[3] A PlayStation Vita version of the game was released on February 25, 2016,[4][5] and a high-definition version for the PlayStation 4 was released on January 26, 2017.[6] A Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released in late 2017.[7] A smartphone game titled Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm: Eternal Sky was released on October 5, 2016,[8][9] and a sequel titled Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm: Zwei was announced at the AnimeJapan event in March 2016.[10]



A manga adaptation illustrated by Hideyu Tōgarashi began serialization in Kadokawa Corporation's Comp Ace magazine with the December 2015 issue sold on October 26, 2015.[11][12] The first tankōbon volume was released on January 26, 2016.[13]


An anime television series adaptation, produced by Gonzo and directed by Fumitoshi Oizaki, aired on TV Tokyo between January 12 and March 29, 2016.[14] Crunchyroll is streaming the anime.[15] Although there are romantic plot lines with Masaya and each of the four heroines in the visual novel, this is averted in the anime adaptation.

Episode list

No. Title Original air date
1 "I'm Flying! I'm Actually Flying!"
"Tondemasu, Tondemasu yo!" (飛んでます、飛んでますよっ!) 
January 12, 2016
Transfer student Asuka Kurashina has just moved to the 4-Island-Archipelago, a zone where people can use a special type of shoes, Grav-Shoes, to fly. On her way to Kunahama High School, Asuka meets students Misaki Tobisawa and Masaya Hinata, who help her get to school on time. Once at school, Masaya and Misaki are asked to teach Asuka the basics of flying and she is also introduced to Misaki's fervent admirer and underclassman Mashiro Arisaka. Asuka also later learns of a sport known as Flying Circus, or FC for short, where two players compete for points within a certain time limit (usually 10 minutes) by touching the four buoys placed in a square formation or their opponent's back. As they fly to school next day, they see a dejected Shion Aoyagi, the president of school's FC club, crouching on his knees after being defeated by Reiko Satouin, the vice-captain of the Takafuji's Flying Circus team, a powerhouse team that constantly dominates tournaments. Asuka decides to take on Reiko herself despite the difference in their abilities. As Asuka is a beginner, Reiko generously decides that Asuka only needs to score once to win. At first, Asuka is completely dominated and unable to score even one point, but in the last moment she pulls off an "air kick turn", an especially difficult move, and scores one point, winning the match. 
2 "Udon...?"
"U... do... n...?" (う…ど…ん…?) 
January 19, 2016
After Reiko leaves, Shion begs Asuka and the others to join Kunahama's disbanded FC team, but his question is left unanswered as the group flees. At school, Shion's younger sister Madoka congratulates Asuka on scoring against Reiko and encourages all of them to join the team. Asuka agrees almost immediately, but Masaya refuses and Misaki says she needs to think about it. After school, Madoka brings Asuka to the clubroom which is actually an old rundown bus. There they meet Shion and, surprisingly, Misaki and Mashiro, who have decided to join as well. They begin training, with Misaki being the best due to her having more experience. Asuka can fly but is unable to steer, and Mashiro is slow and uncoordinated. The PE teacher and advisor of the club, an old FC champion named Aoi Kagami watches them while trying to encourage Masaya to join the team as well. Masaya, however, leaves without a word. The next day Madoka brings the girls to buy competition Grav-Shoes and flying suits, where the shopkeeper generously explains the three types of players: Speeders (that score points mainly by touching the buoys), Fighters (players that mainly score points by touching the opponent's back) and all-rounders (players who are good at both). Following Misaki, Mashiro opts for a Fighter style while Asuka, being a beginner, goes with the All-Rounder style on recommendations from the shopkeeper. Afterwards, Misaki and Asuka have a practice match and Asuka's determination inspires Masaya to join the club as a coach. 
3 "I Just Got a Little Fired Up"
"Chotto Moetekita dake" (ちょっと燃えてきただけ) 
January 26, 2016
To boost the new recruits' skills, Aoi calls the Takafuji FC Team to arrange a training camp during spring break. During the last day of the camp, Reiko arranges some practice matches. Asuka is up against Rika Ichinose, a first-year and Speeder at Takafuji and she manages to score a point with an air kick turn, surprising everyone, but ultimately loses the match. Mashiro plays Reiko but is completely defeated. It looks like Kunahama will lose all three matches as Misaki is up against the captain of the Takafuji team, Kazunari Shindō. Kazunari immediately scores off the first buoy. Misaki, unable to keep up, takes a shortcut. Assured of victory, he purposely plays to her strengths and proposes to take him on in a dogfight. Angered, Misaki chases after him and wants to attack but Masaya tells her to ignore the provocation and just stick to him like glue. Misaki follows and manages to score a point when they turn the corner. However, Kazunari still wins the match. 
4 "Meat Makes Me Happy!"
"Oniku......Ureshii!" (お肉......うれしい!) 
February 2, 2016
Mashiro has been kept busy by make-up exams recently, causing her to often be late to FC training. Meanwhile, Misaki and Asuka are improving at a fast rate, leaving Mashiro lagging behind. After bumping into Rika by chance, Mashiro asks her to teach her the basics. Training starts the next day, and slowly Mashiro begins to pick up, and finds that she is more suited to be a Speeder like Rika instead of a Fighter like Misaki. This revelation encourages Mashiro to make her own decisions herself next time. As thanks, Mashiro gives Rika one of her stuffed cat toys and the two become friends. During a practice match with Asuka the next day, Mashiro manages to beat her. Misaki is pleased to see that Mashiro has finally found her own style of play instead of just blindly following her. On her way home, Asuka accidentally lets her phone slip out of her grasp and fall down a cliff, but then a white-haired girl swoops down from the sky at an incredible speed and returns the phone to her before flying away in a blur. 
5 "Yeah, Keep Calm and Carry On"
"Un, Ochitsuite Ikō" (うん、落ち着いていこう) 
February 9, 2016
The Summer Tournament has started, and Asuka is up against a first-year girl named Arika Okoze from Shitou Suisan Academy, another powerhouse school, Misaki against Rika and Mashiro against Reiko. There, Asuka also spots the white-haired girl, and learns that she is Inui Saki from Kairyou Academy, who is playing against Shion. First up is Mashiro's match against Reiko. Mashiro uses a Speeder tactic called "low yo-yo" and touches the first two buoys. However, Reiko engages her in dogfighting and wins 7-2. Next is Misaki and Rika, and Misaki easily wins 5-1. Shion takes on Saki with all his determination but loses badly at 22-1. Asuka's match with Arika begins and the latter gains the advantage with a low yo-yo and extremely wide scissors-like movements, but Asuka turns the game around with an air kick turn and dogfighting, winning 4-3. 
6 "Is That All You've Got?"
"Sore ga Kimi no Jitsuryoku Kai?" (それが君の実力かい?) 
February 16, 2016
The second day of the Tournament has begun, and Asuka is up against Kasumi Kurobuchi from Dougaura High. Asuka wins 6-8 with an angry Kasumi wondering how Asuka can smile so happily during a serious match. Misaki is up against Kazunari next, with the latter taking the lead and avoiding the dogfight that Misaki is looking for. Following Masaya's instructions, Misaki manages to tackle Kazunari and engages him in a dogfight, scoring her first point, however Kazunari still wins 5-3. Asuka is now up against Kazunari and he scores the first point. He then scores another by using "cobra", a move mostly used by the pros that mimics the movements of a cobra when it strikes. Asuka is very tired, but takes a shortcut and catches up to Kazunari. Kazunari pulls back to use "cobra" again, but Asuka uses a succession of air kick turns and scores four points. Kazunari gets extremely fired up and wraps up the match with another two points, winning 6-4. 
7 "Sting Before You're Stung!"
"Sasareru Mae ni Sase!" (刺される前に刺せ!) 
February 23, 2016

The second day of the Summer Tournament begins and Saki has won against Ganeko Mayu from Shitou Suisan, Arika's upperclassman and idol. Only Kazunari and Saki are left for the final, where the former seems assured of victory. During the ten-minute break, Saki's coach, a rich English girl called Irina Avalon approaches Aoi and explains to her that their style of FC was inspired by her, requesting that she watch the next match. Kazunari is confident but Saki slowly starts to dominate the match. Down on the sand, while everyone is shocked at the King of Kings losing, Asuka is entranced by Saki's perfectly planned moves, which unnerves Misaki greatly. Meanwhile, Saki overtakes Kazunari in the end despite the latter getting extremely fired up and wins 8-6, much to everyone's surprise. After the tournament, Irina proudly explains her technique to Aoi and names it "Birdcage", as it involves dominating the opponent through control until he or she is utterly exhausted.

The third-years, including Shion, depart for graduation exams and Madoka takes over as the new captain of the club in her brother's place. The next day, Misaki bumps into Kazunari at the bus stop. She questions him about his defeat, thinking that he would be furious and embarrassed but he takes it surprisingly well instead. Kazunari explains that fear of losing means you're enjoying the sport. Shocked by his words, Misaki sits at the bus stop, deep in thought. 
8 "I... Can't Fly Anymore"
"Mō... Tobenai" (もう...飛べない) 
March 1, 2016
Misaki has quit the FC team, much to the shock of the other members. Determined to work out an explanation from her, the girls try to talk to her, but Misaki is albe to successfully escape their grasps each time. Another shocking event arrives in the form of Saki and Irina, who arrive in a helicopter and request a practice match which Asuka accepts willingly. Despite Asuka's efforts, however, the match is one-sided in Saki's favour and Asuka ends up plunging into the water, while Misaki, overcome with emotion, dives in to save her. After the match, Asuka is emotionally devastated and breaks down crying as everyone tries to comfort her. 
9 "The Answer is in the Sky!"
"Kotae wa Sora ni Arun desu!" (答えは空にあるんです!) 
March 8, 2016
Misaki and the others are worried about Asuka who has been skipping school and unable to be contacted. The next day, Misaki finds Asuka in the clock tower and asks her about her feelings after losing to Saki, convincing her to come to training. However, Asuka finds herself unable to execute moves she normally would have performed with ease. Things take a turn for the worse when Misaki finds a drenched Asuka standing outside her house with a blank look on her face, wherupon Misaki invites her in for dinner and to stay the night, with Mashiro tagging along. Misaki explains to Asuka what Kazunari told her, hoping it will encourage Asuka. The next day, Asuka abruptly challenges Misaki to a match after school. If Asuka wins, Misaki will have to rejoin the FC team. After school, the girls begin the match, with Asuka getting the first point but Misaki turns the tide with 2 points. Asuka scores her second point but Misaki scores again and wins, much to the team's dismay. After the match, Misaki decides to rejoin the team anyway, much to the celebration of the other members. 
10 "Is That For FC, Too?"
"Sore mo FC no Tame desu ka?" (それもFCのためですか?) 
March 15, 2016
The girls are practising harder than ever for the tournament. Halfway during a break, Asuka tries using her Grav-Shoes with balancers switched off, but finds it too hard to keep control. Meanwhile, Saki is sparring with top players. Pleased with her performance, Irina tells Saki to train with her balancers off. The next day, Reiko and Rika are invited by Asuka to help the team with their training. After training, Misaki takes a detour and comes to the Shindō family house, where Kazunari is meditating in preparation for the upcoming Fall Tournament, and request Kazunari train with them. Masaya also decides to take part in the training and challenges Asuka to a dogfight, in which Asuka is taught Aoi's special moves while the others learn down on the ground too. 
11 "I Refuse to Lose!"
"Watashi Makenai!" (わたし負けない!) 
March 22, 2016
The Fall Tournament has begun and Mashiro is up against Rika. After a close match, Mashiro wins 7-6 but loses in her second match. In the semifinals, Misaki is up against Saki, which excites the former. The match begins and Saki starts for the buoy while Misaki takes a shortcut. Using a "sonic boost", a move designed for sudden and extra bursts of speed, Misaki manages to engage Saki in a dogfight and they begin to tackle. They slowly ascend and race to take the upper hand by gaining height and in the end Misaki is forced to fly upside-down so that she will not be at a disadvantage in a dogfight. As Misaki goads Saki, she suddenly, in contrast to Irina's orders, lashes out at Misaki but the latter dodges and touches her back, scoring. As Misaki consistently prepares to fight again and again, Saki decides to dogfight wholeheartedly and scores two consecutive points. Misaki uses an air kick turn and scores a point of her own but time runs out and the match ends with Saki winning by one point. However, Irina is unhappy with Saki's victory deeming it as "not perfect". 
12 "Let's... Keep Flying!!"
"Motto...Tobō!!" (もっと…飛ぼう!!) 
March 29, 2016
In the finals, Asuka is facing off with Saki. Using three consecutive sonic boosts and a new technique called "pentagram force", Asuka takes a two point lead. After scoring a point herself, Saki attacks Asuka but the latter evades all her attacks and scores her third point. Now 3-1, an angry Irina orders Saki to switch off her balancer, allowing her to tap into the full potential of her shoes. Saki levels up the score and the match ends 3-3. During the break before the extra time, Asuka decides to switch off her balancer despite never training with it before. The match restarts and Asuka plunges into the water, unable to keep control, but soon emerges from the water and resumes the match, scoring two more points. Irina orders Saki to attack Asuka while the latter is still trying to get her shoes under control but Saki ignores her. Seeing her change of heart, Asuka encourages Saki to enjoy the moment as they resume the dogfight. Saki and Asuka score a point each, leaving the score 6-4. Asuka once again encourages Saki to enjoy the match and keep flying together, to which Saki replies with a smile and proceeds to even up the score 6-6. As the extra time is up, whoever scores the next point will win. Asuka and Saki circle around each other, leaving behind a swirling ball of their contrails that leaves the audience in awe. Asuka suddenly loses control and Saki reaches out to touch her back but Asuka musters her determination and performs a backflip to touch Saki's back and win the championship. After the match, Irina apologises for her behavior. Saki and Irina becomes friends with the Kunahama girls and Masaya regains his determination to fly. 


Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue has seven pieces of theme music: one opening theme, one insert song, and five ending themes. The opening theme is "Wings of Courage (Sora o Koete)" (Wings of Courage ~空を超えて~, "Wings of Courage (Beyond the Sky)") by Mami Kawada. The insert song is "Infinite Sky" by Kotoko. Each heroine has her own ending theme, starting with Asuka's theme "Sora Koi" (空恋, "Sky Love") by Misato Fukuen. Misaki's theme is "Sense of Life" by Azumi Asakura. Mashiro's theme is "Millions of You" by Nozomi Yamamoto. Rika's theme is "Night Flight" by Madoka Yonezawa. The main ending theme is "Sky is the Limit" by Kawada.[3] In addition, an image song single titled "Rays of the Sun" by Kawada was released on December 28, 2014 at Comiket 87.[16]

The anime's opening theme is "Contrail (Kiseki)" (Contrail~軌跡~, "Contrail (Track)") by Kawada and the ending theme is "A-gain" by Ray.[17] The single for "Contrail (Kiseki)" was released on January 27, 2016 and the single for "A-gain" was released on February 17, 2016;[18][19] The opening theme to Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm: Eternal Sky is "Believe in the Sky" by Kawada. A vocal collection of music for the series, which includes "Believe in the Sky", was released on May 1, 2016.[8]


In the 2014 Moe Game Awards, Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm placed first.[20]


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