Antoine du Verdier

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Antoine du Verdier

Antoine du Verdier (1544 – 25 September 1600), lord of Vauprivast, was a French politician and writer.

Du Verdier was born in Montbrison, Loire. He was conseiller du roi and controller-general in Lyon, but is best known for his work as a bibliographer alongside his friend and contemporary François Grudé.


  • Prosopographie, description des personnages-insignes, avec portraits, Lyon, 1573
  • Bibliothèque d'Ant. Duverdier, contenant le catalogue de tous les auteurs qui ont écrit en français, 1585, valuable work of bibliography, reprinted in 1772-1773 with that of the La Croix du Maine.


  •  Bouillet, Marie-Nicolas; Chassang, Alexis, eds. (1878). "article name needed". Dictionnaire Bouillet (in French). 

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  • Portrait, à Cartari, Vincenzo (1531 - ca 1571): Imagines Deorum, Qui Ab Antiquis Colebantur (1581)
  • La Croix du Maine, Antoine du Verdier, "Les Bibliothèques françoises", Paris, Saillant & Nyon, 1773, numbered by Google Books :
    • 1st volume La Croix du Maine, volume 1
    • 2nd volume La Croix du Maine, volume 2
    • 3rd volume Du Verdier, volume 1
    • 4th volume Du Verdier, volume 2
    • 5th volume Du Verdier, volume 3
    • 6th volume Errata, epitomes bibliothecae gesnerianae, etc.
  • Antoine du Verdier on
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