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Antiochia Lamotis (Greek: Αντιόχεια η Λαμωτίς) or Antiochia in Isauria (Αντιόχεια της Ισαυρίας) is a Hellenistic city in ancient Cilicia, Anatolia at the mouth of Lamos (or Lamus) river. The site is on the coast a few km southwest of Erdemli, Mersin Province, Turkey. During Roman times, it was capital of the Lamotis Region, Cilicia.[1] The town also bore the name Lamus or Lamos (Λάμος). The river is mentioned by Stephanus of Byzantium,[2] and both the river and the town by Strabo[3] and Ptolemy.[4] The river, which is otherwise of no importance, formed the boundary between Cilicia Aspera and Cilicia Propria. The town later became the seat of a bishop; no longer a residential bishopric, it remains a titular see in the Roman Catholic Church under the name of Lamus.[5]


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 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainSmith, William, ed. (1854–1857). "Lamus". Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography. London: John Murray.

Coordinates: 36°33′26″N 34°14′28″E / 36.55723°N 34.24104°E / 36.55723; 34.24104

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