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Anti-Tibetan sentiment refers to fear, dislike, hostility and racism towards Tibetan people or anything related to Tibetan culture in general. Anti-Tibetan sentiment has been present in various regions of Nepal, India, Bhutan, and China at various points in time with discrimination in the latter three countries mostly owing to the presence of Tibetan refugees.


Tibetans and Himalayan ethnic groups of Tibetan origin such as the Sherpa, Tamang are at times derogatorily called "bhotey", which is the Nepali word for someone from Tibet, but is used as a slur.


In Arunachal Pradesh, a region bordering Tibet and is claimed by China as being South Tibet, there was a xenophobic campaign and a motion by the state government to expel around 12,000 Tibetans that received much support from the local population, but the Indian government was "angered" by the state government's initiatives.[1]

Even the Monpas, a people who are ethnically and culturally related to Tibetans, are opposed to Tibetan refugees in their state.[2]


The government of Bhutan agreed to take in 4000 settlers, ordinary Bhutanese became increasingly resentful of the Tibetan refugees because of their refusal to assimilate into Bhutanese culture.[3]


Tibetans are discriminated in China, even to where they are denied access into hotels.[4]

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