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Anthony "Tony" J. Jordan is an Irish biographer. He is a native of Ballyhaunis, County Mayo. He lives at Sandymount village in Dublin.[1] Jordan is a graduate of NUI Maynooth, University College Dublin, and St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra. He has been involved in Special Education at the Central Remedial Clinic and Enable Ireland for over 30 years. He was a Volunteer with Dublin Samaritans for 40 years and currently is a Volunteer at the James Joyce Tower at Sandycove in Dublin. He initially specialised in writing 'first' biographies. [Major John MacBride, Sean MacBride, Christy Brown, WT Cosgrave, John A. Costello,[2007-95244476X] His early interest centred on the interaction between the figures of Major John MacBride/WB Yeats and Maud Gonne.{2000}} On discovering the MacBride Papers in the National Library of Ireland, he has made them available through his books in elucidation on MacBride from the slings and arrows fired by WB Yeats and his admirers. [The Yeats/Gonne/MacBride Triangle]2000.[clarification needed] He won an All Ireland Colleges football medal with St. Jarlath's College Tuam.


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