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Angela Jackson (born July 25, 1951) is an award-winning poet, playwright, and novelist based in Chicago.[1]


Angela Jackson was born in Greenville, Mississippi, the fifth of nine children,[2] but grew up on the South Side of Chicago, where her father, George Jackson, Sr., and mother, Angeline Robinson Jackson, moved. In 1977, she graduated from Northwestern University,and Loretto academy where she won the Academy of American Poets Award, and the University of Chicago with an M.A. in Latin American and Caribbean studies.[2]

She joined the Organization of Black American Culture (OBAC) with young black writers such as Haki Madhubuti (Don L. Lee), Carolyn Rodgers, Sterling Plumpp,[3] and was editor of the journal Nommo.[4]

Jackson lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.[5]




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  • Lightfoot: The Crystal Stair,


  • Treemont Stone
  • Where I Must Go (2009), American Book Award.


  • Apprenticeship in the House of Cowrie Shells


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