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First edition (publ. Michael Joseph)

Angel of Death is a novel by Jack Higgins written in 1995. It tells the story of a famous actress who joins a bloody terrorist movement named after Bloody Sunday's date, 30 January. This terrorist group appear to target random government agencies and terrorists group from members of the Central Intelligence Agency, to the KGB and the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

As the Northern Ireland peace process is at stake, the hero of Jack Higgins' novels of the 1990s, Sean Dillon, comes to the rescue again to save the world in this thriller novel.

Hannah Bernstein and Sean Dillon have the job of catching Protestant terrorist Daniel Quinn. Quinn's men know who he is and he almost gets killed, but he is saved by a mysterious woman on a motorcycle.

The woman is Grace Browning an actress turned assassin; a member of a terrorist group known as January 30. The other members are Tom, who's working for the Russians', and his friend Rupert Lang, a Member of Parliament.

Dillon and Bernstein's search for Quinn takes them to Beirut. Dillon is captured by a group of people who want him to interrogate one of Quinn's men. They turn out to be Israeli soldier Anya and her brothers.

The interrogation leads them to a ship. Dillon blows up the ship, killing Quinn in the process, leaving the Sons of Ulster requiring a new leader.

In Ireland they get the job of protecting Senator Patrick Keogh. Ferguson figures out that Rupert is a traitor. Ferguson and the Prime Minister confront him but he escapes. Dillon follows him to the south of England where Rupert is mortally wounded.

After Tom learns of Rupert's death he kills himself in London by throwing himself in front of a train. Sean and Hannah confront Grace at a theatre. Grace draws a gun and Hannah shoots her dead. Hannah is upset when she discovers the gun wasn't loaded. January 30 is finished.


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