Andorra–France border

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Border between Andorra, France and Spain.
Border post between France and Andorra.

The Andorra–France border extends for 57 km along the south edge of France (departments of Ariège and Pyrenees-Orientales) and along the north and northeast edge of Andorra.

This is the third smallest land border of France, after the border with Monaco and the border with the Netherlands (on the island of Saint Martin).


It starts in the west at the western Andorra - Spain - France tripoint, located at the peak of Médécourbe (42°36'13"N 1°26'33" E).[1] It then follows a general direction north-east and then southeast to eastern Andorra - Spain - France tripoint 42°30'09"N 1°43'33" E).

The Franco-Andorran border is essentially customary, which means that no international treaty specifically fixed in the plot (there is no boundary), except for the cases below.

In 2001, a bilateral treaty between France and Andorra dealt with the rectification of the border. It stipulates the exchange of two equal areas of land plots of 15,925 m² each. The operation should enable Andorra to construct on the assigned plot, the viaduct that will link the Envalira tunnel to the RN 22.

The French town of Porta, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, challenged before the Judicial Division of the State Council as contrary to the treaty the Constitution: it complained, in fact, not to have been consulted before the drafting and approval of the treaty. The State Council has dismissed its application, arguing that the treaty had been ratified by law and that therefore it was not for it to rule on the legality of the law. Moreover, nothing obliges the state to consult with neighboring municipalities about a border when adding a modification thereof.

In May 2015 the European commission adopted a cooperation program to improve the protection of the environment at the Spain-Andorra and Andorra–France borders.[2]

Border controls

East of Pas de la Casa, nearly 2000 metres above sea level, is the only road crossing point between the two countries located. There is no rail crossing point (a bus shuttle service from the Pas de la Casa and Andorra station - L'Hospitalet located in the border town of L'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre).

In addition, helicopters are allowed to go to airports with border control in other countries, but not to other places outside Andorra. Flight usually go to the airports of Barcelona or Toulouse.[3]

There is an agreement signed 2003 between France, Spain and Andorra on the movement and residence in Andorra of citizens of third States.[4] It says that the three countries shall coordinate their visa requirements (in reality that Andorra follows the Schengen visa requirements) and that Andorra accept entry only of those who have right of entry of Spain or France. Andorra is allowed to permit long stays for any person.

French communes and Andorran parishes along the border

From west to east

French side, 9 towns:

7 of Ariege: Auzat, Lercoul, Siguer, Gestiès, Aston, Mérens-les-Vals and L'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre, 2 of Pyrénées-Orientales: Porté-Puymorens and Porta.

Andorran side, 4 parishes:

La Massana, Ordino, Canillo and Encamp.

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