Anak Jalanan

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Anak Jalanan
Genre Drama
Created by SinemArt
Written by Hilman Hariwijaya
Directed by Akbar Bharti
Opening theme Dewa 19 - Cinta Gila
Ending theme Dewa 19 - Cinta Gila
Country of origin Indonesia
Original language(s) Indonesia
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 810 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Elly Yanti Noor
Producer(s) Leo Sutanto
Running time 60-150 minutes
Production company(s) SinemArt
Distributor Media Nusantara Citra
Original network
Picture format 480i
Audio format
Original release October 12, 2015 (2015-10-12) – February 1, 2017 (2017-02-01)
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Anak Jalanan is an Indonesian soap opera musical comedy drama produced by SinemArt that airs daily on RCTI.[1]


Boy (Stefan William) is a teenager dressed up as an ugly and ignorant but also pious and handsome. Boy style is cool and handsome when riding a motorcycle and often win the race, making him crazy girls his age. His attitude is full of typical charisma of young people, making him appointed as chairman of the Warrior motorcycle group. Not only in the area of racing, in any school Boy became an idol. His friendly, caring but clever and athletic manner makes him always the center of attention.

Of course Boy does not really respond to the feelings of the girls who adore him. In her heart there is only one woman, Adriana (Cut Meyriska), her ex very loving boyfriend, who later left her for choosing with a much older and wealthy man. Adriana's attitude like that leaves a deep wound in Boy's heart.

Until Boy finally met Reva (Natasha Wilona), the girl he helped, because he was involved in chasing with other motorcycle gangs. Initially Boy was surprised to know that the motorist who helped was a beautiful girl. Boy was amazed by the shrewdness of Reva to control the bike. Unfortunately Reva is very upset with Boy and his motorcycle gang, because it has caused him to engage in battles between motorcycle gangs. Mondy motorcycle gang (Immanuel Caesar Hito thinks Reva is a member of the Warrior. Boy was struck by the words of Reva. He feels guilty, because this victim of misunderstanding has happened to many people, not just Reva. Boy was planning to disband his motorcycle gang. Of course this is opposed by his friends. Some friends Boy tried to take advantage of the opportunity to take over the leadership of Boy. The Warrior gang began to break.

Reva himself is the son of a wealthy businessman, Bei (Adipura), who selects his racing with his bike as a form of rebellion against his father's attitude of remarriage with a girl no different from his age. Reva also always feel the new wife of his father is the cause of his mother's death. Stepmother Reva this is Adriana. Adriana always tried to do all sorts of ways to win Reva's heart, but Reva's revenge of hate to Adriana was unshakeable.

Equally make the streets as their second home, by spending time riding motorcycle, making Boy and Reva close. Their motivation is the same, both make it an escape from their frustration towards the condition of their respective families. Boy is very surprised to learn that Reva's stepmother is Adriana, her ex-boyfriend. While Adriana took the opportunity to take the heart of Reva.

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Boy died of motorcycle accident after previously saying goodbye to Reva and advised Rocky to keep his best loved ones.



  • Natasha Wilona as Revalina Putri (Reva)
  • Ammar Zoni as Rocky
  • Immanuel Caesar Hito as Mondy
  • Cut Meyriska as Adriana


  • Cemal Faruk as Alex
  • Raya Kitty Aditya as Raya
  • Adiwiyata as Bey
  • Angga Putra as Iyan
  • Gerald Yohanes Putra as Haykal
  • Ranty Maria as Cinta
  • Bryan Domani as Adam
  • Cindy Gulla as Amy
  • Yoelitta Palar as Marissa
  • Umar Lubis as Wirawan
  • Hana Saraswati as Cindy
  • Henny Timbul as Bibi Irah
  • Mario Maulana as Pak Amir
  • Mezty Mez as Miss Devi
  • Mischa Chandrawinata as Chandra
  • Evan Marvino as Oki
  • Marcella Daryanani as Bella
  • Al Fathir Muchtar as Abah Rama
  • Sissy Firman as Sri
  • Rasyid Karim as Babe Karim
  • Raihan Fadhilla as Zaki
  • Dylan Carr as Rio
  • Devi Permatasari as Rengganis
  • Philip Demay as Dado
  • Meriam Bellina as Cathy
  • Fendy Pradana as Wardana
  • Dinda Kanya Dewi as Dinda
  • Valeria Stahl Kaliey as Farah
  • Sigit Hartadi as Pupi/Ferdhy
  • Donny Michael as Tristan
  • Irwan Chandra as Marko
  • Nasar Anuz as Dio
  • Jonathan Frizzy


  • Omar Daniel as Fahri
  • Sabrina Sameh as Sabrina
  • Kevin Torsten as Ariel
  • Doni Tata as Tata
  • Indri as Indri
  • Salshabilla Adriani as Angel
  • Alodya Desi as Clara
  • Harris Vriza as Dony
  • Glenca Chysara as Stella
  • Jonathan Frizzy as Rey Moraga
  • Aryani Fitriana as Kinar
  • Sheila Marcia as Lady
  • Giorgino Abraham as Gino
  • Adjie Pangestu as Kobar
  • Megan Domani as Megan
  • Roger Danuarta as Roger
  • Stefan William as Boy
  • Kathy Indera as Mely


KPI gives warning

The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission warns against impressions Anak Jalanan On November 24, 2015, the impression on November 11, 2015 shows intense and explicit scenes of violence. A man hit and kicked another man until thrown. It also often displays motor racing scenes. KPI assess the impression with the content is very dangerous to display because potentially imitated audience who watched mainly by teenagers.[2][3](wrong link)

Dylan Carr arrested by police

Dylan Carr was arrested by police on January 6, 2016 because he was caught possessing drugs, Dylan Carr was arrested by South Jakarta Police. He was arrested while heading to the shooting location by the ranks of officers from South Jakarta Police because of drug abuse. Dylan was found to be taking drugs on the set in Ceger, East Jakarta. From the urine test, he positively uses the illicit goods. Added, when Dylan was arrested there was evidence of marijuana form with him.[4]


Years Awards Category Nominee Result
2016 Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2016 Aktor Terfavorit Stefan William Won
2016 Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2016 Aktor Terfavorit Immanuel Caesar Hito Nominated
2016 Indonesia Kids Choiche Awards 2016 Aktris Terfavorit Natasha Wilona Won
2016 Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2016 Aktris Terfavorit Raya Kitty Nominated
2016 Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2016 Pasangan Layar Kaca Terfavorit Stefan William and Natasha Wilona Nominated
2016 Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2016 Slime Star Stefan William Won
2016 Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2016 Slime Star Natasha Wilona Nominated
2016 Indonesian Television Awards 2016 Sinetron Terpopuler Anak Jalanan Won
2016 Indoesian Television Awards 2016 Aktor Terpopuler Stefan William Nominated
2016 Indonesian Television Awards 2016 Aktris Terpopuler Natasha Wilona Nominated
2016 Panasonic Gobel Awards 2016 Drama Seri Terfavorit Anak Jalanan Won
2016 Silet Awards 2016 Sinetron Tersilet Anak Jalanan Won
2016 Silet Awards 2016 Pasangan Sinetron Tersilet Iyan and Melly (Angga Putra and Kathy Indera) Nominated
2016 Silet Awards 2016 Pasangan Sinetron Tersilet Mondy and Rayya (Immanuel Caesar Hito and Raya Kitty) Nominated
2016 Silet Awards 2016 Pendatang Baru Tersilet Natasha Wilona Nominated
2016 Silet Awards 2016 Pendatang Baru Tersilet Immanuel Caesar Hito Won
2016 Silet Awards 2016 Pemeran Pembantu Tersilet Bi Irah (Hanny Timbul) Won
2016 Silet Awards 2016 Pemeran Orangtua Tersilet Abah Rama (Fathir Muchtar) Nominated
2016 Silet Awards 2016 Pemeran Orangtua Tersilet Macan (Yoelitta Palar) Won
2016 Silet Awards 2016 Pemeran Orangtua Tersilet Papa Bei (Adipura) Nominated
2016 Silet Awards 2016 Theme Song Sinetron Tersilet Cinta Gila (TRIAD) Won


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