Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

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Amy Schumer: The Leather Special
Written by Amy Schumer
Directed by Amy Schumer
Starring Amy Schumer
Country of origin United States
Running time 57 minutes
Original network Netflix
Original release March 7, 2017

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special is comedian Amy Schumer's first stand-up special for the streaming-service Netflix. It was recorded at Colorado's Bellco Theatre in Denver on November 5, 2016. The hour-long special premiered globally on March 7, 2017.

Production and release

Schumer recorded The Leather Special at the Bellco Theatre in Denver, Colorado on Saturday November 5, 2016.[1] The show was part of a 2016 world tour with shows on three continents.[2]

Netflix released the special on March 7, 2017.[3]


The Leather Special has received "generally favorable reviews based on 5 critics" (72 out of 100)[4] according to Metacritic.[5] These included a San Francisco Chronicle review entitled "Schumer’s comic genius on full display in Netflix special" in which David Wiegand described The Leather Special as "an hour of hilarious, raunchy comedy", praising Schumer's "timing, her way of landing a punch line with a bang, so to speak, and then tossing a little afterword over her shoulder".[6] In Entertainment Weekly, Ray Rahman wrote of the special: "It's pretty much 85 percent sex jokes. The good news is that all the sex jokes are very funny! And even when Schumer turns her attention elsewhere, she still kills it."[7] Lorraine Ali of the Los Angeles Times issued slight criticism, stating, "Ironically, the dirtier it gets, the less daring it feels", and that "the material feels like it could have come from a set three years ago."[8]

At the same time, the special received a large number of negative ratings from audiences (averaging of one star out of five on Netflix a week after premiering)[9][10][4] as well as far more reviews total than other Netflix comedy specials released around the same time.[4] Reporting by Splitsider suggested that Reddit commenters contributed to this,[11] citing posts on the Donald Trump-supporting subreddit, /r/The Donald, actively encouraging negative reviews, with messages such as "please go and 1 star that piece of shit".[12] Schumer later responded on Instagram, saying the attacks by alt-right "trolls" made her feel "powerful and dangerous and brave".[13] Others have noted that while some of the user reviews reflected misogyny, others came from "self-proclaimed Schumer supporters" who did not like this special.[14]


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