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Amy Greenwood
Amy Greenwood.jpg
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Jacinta Stapleton
Duration 1997–2000, 2005
First appearance 10 July 1997
Last appearance 27 July 2005
Introduced by Stanley Walsh (1997)
Ric Pellizerri (2005)
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Student (1997–1998)
Waitress (1998)
Flight attendant (1999–)

Amy Greenwood is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Jacinta Stapleton. She made her first on-screen appearance on 10 July 1997. Amy was flirtatious and ditzy, especially interested in fashion and gossip. Throughout most of her time in the show Amy was involved in an on-off relationship with Lance Wilkinson. Amy began a relationship with flight attendant Damien Smith and she chose to elope with him. Amy departed on 21 March 2000. Five years later, Stapleton reprised her role for the show's 20th anniversary episode.


After three years of playing Amy, Stapleton decided to leave Neighbours to pursue other roles.[1] Of her exit from the show, the actress stated "Leaving Neighbours was scary because for three years I knew what I was going to doing every day. It was my decision, so if something goes wrong it's my fault, which is daunting. I get bored easily, so having something new to do is a good thing and I know I've made the right decision."[1]

On 14 April 2005, Kris Green from Digital Spy reported that Stapleton had agreed to reprise her role for the show's 20th anniversary episode.[2] The Neighbours producers contacted Stapleton's agent about a possible return and she agreed to come back as she was already in Melbourne.[3] On her decision to return to Neighbours, Stapleton said "I was really happy to come back. I wanted to do it for some closure for the character. I really enjoyed playing the character of Amy, and it would be nice for people who remember her to be able to know how she turned out!"[3] Stapleton added that Neighbours was the "best training ground" for her acting career.[3]


Stapleton shared Amy's "fun-loving" personality, but she said she was not as "sneaky" and did not play games like did.[4] Stapleton also said she was not as "mischievous" as Amy, but they liked to party and tried not to take things too seriously.[4]

Amy began a relationship with Lance Wilkinson (Andrew Bibby) shortly after meeting him.[4] Annette Dasey from Inside Soap thought "nerdy" Lance was not the type of boy she would expect Amy to date. Stapleton disagreed saying he was everything Amy wanted in a boyfriend.[4] She told Dasey, "Lance may be a real dork, but she loves him for who he is. But he can't see this and tries to be something he's not."[4] Lance's insecurity came to a head when he tried to compete with Drew Kirk (Dan Paris) to be the main subject of Amy's school photography assignment.[4] Lance became jealous when Amy continued to photograph Drew, so he covered himself in fake tan, leaving him bright orange. Stapleton said Amy found it "hilarious" and decided that his unusual skin colour would make for interesting photos, so she asked him to strip to his boxers and pose for her.[4] When Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) walked in on them, Lance was embarrassed and Stapleton commented that his modesty "endears him further to Amy".[4]

When Amy discovered Lance had developed a gambling addiction, it proved too much for her and she broke up with him.[5] Speaking to an All About Soap reporter, Stapleton thought that Amy and Lance should have stopped being "pig-headed" and make up with each other.[5] She continued "They are both very headstrong and strong-willed. Each doesn't want to be the first to say what they truly feel. I can understand how that is; nobody wants to open themselves up to rejection and getting hurt."[5] Bibby thought that there had been a strong attraction between the characters from the start and said that they meant the world to each other. He added that they worked well together "in their funny way."[5]


Amy is the only daughter of Tony and Josie Greenwood (Sally Keil) and has one older brother Jeff (Brad Flynn), and one younger, Patrick (Matthew Barnes). Amy comes to the Coffee Shop after Lance Wilkinson arranges to meet her there. They go on a date and Lance falls into the Lassister's Lake while trying to impress Amy. In spite of this, Amy agrees to see him again. Lance and Amy begin dating, but Amy's friends begin teasing Lance and generally making fun of him.

When Jacinta Myers (Caroline Morgan), one of Amy's friends, frames Lance for putting a caricature of Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) in the school paper, resulting in Lance being suspended, Amy and Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) come up with a plan to clear Lance's name by tricking Jacinta into confessing. Amy and Lance stage a public break-up which Jacinta ultimately falls for and Toadie records her confession via video camera after two prior failed recordings and they present the tape to Susan. After Amy reveals that she and Lance are still together, Jacinta is forced to concede defeat. Amy and Lance have a tumultuous relationship and have a number of instances where they are made to feel jealous. Amy runs for school captain alongside Lance's sister, Anne (Brooke Satchwell), but both are tied when Lance votes twice, one vote each. Anne and Amy eventually share the responsibility.

After discovering that Lance's mysterious behaviour is attributed to a gambling problem, Amy promptly breaks up with him and they remain friends. Amy receives her VCE results and misses out on her intended course at University. She decides to train to be a flight attendant instead. After Lance begins dating Megan Townsend (Allison Byrne), Amy discovers that Megan is only with Lance for a bet. Amy and Lance's feelings for one another resurface and they agree to give their relationship another try. When Amy begins to seemingly disappear for days, it is revealed that she is dating co-worker Damien Smith (John Ridley) behind Lance's back. When Amy tells Anne she is pregnant, Anne insists she tells Lance, which prompts Amy to confess that the baby is Damien's. In the ensuing fallout Amy feels guilty that Lance is angry with Anne for keeping the secret about the baby. However, Lance is understanding and they decide to remain friends.

After Damien proposes for the second time, Amy accepts and they marry. Before parting, Lance tells Amy she was his first love and hopes she is happy. Five years after Amy's departure, she is seen in Annalise Hartman's (Kimberley Davies) documentary about Ramsay Street.


A writer from the BBC said Amy's most notable moment was "Training the men of Ramsay Street for their Full Monty performance."[6] A reporter from The Age branded Amy "Ramsay Street's wild child turned party, fashion and gossip queen".[7]


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