Amalgamated Textile Workers' Union

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Amalgamated Textile Workers' Union
Amalgamated Textile Workers Union logo.jpg
Founded 1974
Date dissolved 1985
Merged into General, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trades Union
Members 19,500 (1983)
Affiliation TUC
Office location Textile Union Centre, Rochdale
Country United Kingdom

The Amalgamated Textile Workers' Union (ATWU) was a trade union in Great Britain.[1]

The union was founded in 1974, when the Amalgamated Weavers' Association merged with the National Union of Textile and Allied Workers.[2] The Amalgamated Textile Warehousemen's Association developed close links with the new union, and the two shared a general secretary.[3]

In 1983, the important Burnley, Nelson, Rossendale and District Textile Workers' Union decided to leave the ATWU, and argued that as its largest affiliate, it should be entitled to a proportionate share of the union's funds. The ATWU disagreed, and the disputed went to the High Court of England and Wales, which rejected the Burnley and Nelson union's claim.[4]

With widespread redundancies in the industry, the union lost two-thirds of its members before it merged into the General, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trades Union in 1985.[5] Based in Rochdale, the union's final general secretary was Jack Brown.[1]

General Secretaries

1974: Fred Hague and Joe King
1975: Fred Hague
1976: Jack Brown


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