Al Jawhara bint Ibrahim Al Ibrahim

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Al Jawhara Al Ibrahim
Spouse King Fahd
Issue Prince Abdulaziz
Full name
Al Jawhara bint Ibrahim Al Ibrahim
House House of Saud (by marriage)
Father Ibrahim Al Ibrahim
Religion Islam

Al Jawhara bint Ibrahim Al Ibrahim is one of the spouses of King Fahd and mother of Prince Abdulaziz.


Al Jawhara Al Ibrahim is a member of wealthy merchant Al Ibrahim family.[1][2] Her brothers are businessmen, including Waleed bin Ibrahim.[3] One of her sisters, Maha Al Ibrahim, is married to former deputy minister of defense and aviation, Prince Abdul Rahman. Another sister, Mohdi Al Ibrahim, is married to Saudi minister of higher education,[4] Khaled Al Angari.[5]

Personal life

Al Jawhara Al Ibrahim divorced from her first husband to wed King Fahd.[6] She became the fourth and favorite spouse of him.[7][8] They had a son, Prince Abdulaziz, who is the youngest child of King Fahd.[9][10]

After King Fahd experienced a stroke in 1995, limiting his capacity, he became dependent on her, who assisted him with all matters, including public affairs.[7] Her eminence at his side provided her brothers with the opportunity to become influential businessmen, leading to jealousy and gossip in royal circles.[11]

Later life

After the death of King Fahd in August 2005, Al Jawhara Al Ibrahim has remained as an influential and respected member of the family, and had close relations with senior royals, especially king Fahd's full brothers - the Sudairi Seven.[12] The fact that she travelled with King Abdallah to Kuwait in January 2007 to pay the family's respects upon the death of the Amir Jabir Al Ahmad Al Sabah is considered to be a sign of her continuing influence.[12]


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