Jahra Governorate

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Jahra Governorate

محافظة الجهراء
Map of Kuwait with Jahra highlighted
Map of Kuwait with Jahra highlighted
Coordinates (Jahra): 29°20′13″N 47°39′29″E / 29.337°N 47.658°E / 29.337; 47.658Coordinates: 29°20′13″N 47°39′29″E / 29.337°N 47.658°E / 29.337; 47.658
Country  Kuwait
Capital Jahra
Districts 25
 • Governor Fahad Ahmed Al-Ameer
 • Total 11,230 km2 (4,340 sq mi)
(June 2014)[1]
 • Total 491,392
 • Density 44/km2 (110/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+03 (AST)
ISO 3166 code KW-JA

Jahra Governorate (Arabic: محافظة الجهراء‎ Muḥāfaẓat al-Ǧahrāʾ) is one of the six Governorates of Kuwait. It is located to the northwest of the other Governorates and houses the city of Jahra among others. It includes Bubiyan Island and is the largest Governorate in Kuwait. It also contains most of Kuwait's arable land. Jahra also has some historic relevance to Kuwait's history. The Red Palace or Al Qasr Al Ahmar is the most important historical landmark there. In and around it the famous battle between Kuwait and the Dweesh army took place. When Jahra was a village it was an oasis and most Jahrans were farmers. Now Jahra is a large city and farming has been reduced to a few small farms. The geographic midpoint of Kuwait is located in this governorate.


  • Alabdally
  • Albhaith
  • Aljahra
  • Alkhwaisat
  • Almutlaa
  • Alnaeem
  • Alnaseem
  • Aloyoon
  • Alqaser
  • Alretqah
  • Alroudhatain
  • Alsalmy
  • Alsubbyah
  • Alsulaibya
  • Alwaha
  • Amghara
  • Boubyan island
  • Jaber Alahmad City
  • Kabd
  • Kazma
  • Om Alaish
  • Saad Alabdaullah City
  • Silk City
  • Taimaa
  • Warbah island


Salim Sabah Nasir Mubarak I become governor in 1985.[2]


Jahra Governorate

  • Al Jahra'
  • Al `Ulaymiyah
  • Al `Arfajiyah
  • Umm Ghatti
  • Dulay` ar Rukham
  • Ghudayy
  • Bahrat al `Awjah
  • Khawr al `Awjah
  • Jazirat Bubiyan
  • Markaz Warbah
  • Jazirat Warbah
  • Jal az Zawr
  • Tubayj
  • `Ashish ad Dawhah
  • As Sab`ah
  • Makhfar as Sabiyah
  • Al Sabahiyah
  • Al `Arfajiyah
  • Al Bahrah
  • Al Hujayjah
  • Al Mahraqah
  • An Nuwaynis
  • Ar Rukham
  • As Sif
  • Ra's al Barshah
  • Qasr as Sabiyah
  • Sha`ib ar Rukham
  • Khawr as Sabiyah
  • Ra's as Sabiyah

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