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Al Ghardaqa (Arabic: آل غردقة / English: House of Ghardaqa) are an Arabian family. The Al Ghardaqa family refers to the current members of the historical Uyunid dynasty of Bin Abdul Qays of Weill Bin Rabia Bin Nizar Bin Ma'ad Bin Adnan and belonging to Bani Juhav.[1] Who were the sole rulers and the namesake of the Uyunid Emirate from 1076 to 1253, approximately 200 years, which was in the east of the Arabian Peninsula between the fifth and seventh centuries AH (eleventh and thirteenth centuries CE). Their descendants now live in, Al-Mubarraz, Al-Hasa, (Saudi Arabia).

From them is Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ghardaqa who was the commander of the Saudi army in Oman.[2] Who was later killed in 1225 AH (1810). But, the author of the book detailed in The History of the United Arab Emirates c 1 330 stated that he was killed the year 1228 AH (1813).[3][verification needed]

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