Al-Hamdaniya District

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Al-Hamdaniya District
Syriac: ܪܘܼܣܬܵܩܵܐ ܕ ܒܵܓ݂ܕܝܼܕܵܐ
Al-Hamdaniyah district (light green) in Ninawa
Al-Hamdaniyah district (light green) in Ninawa
Country  Iraq
Governorate Nineveh Governorate
Seat Bakhdida
 • Total 1,155 km2 (446 sq mi)
Population (2003)
 • Total 125,665
Time zone UTC+3 (AST)

Al-Hamdaniya District (also known as Bakhdida District Syriac: ܪܘܼܣܬܩܐ ܕ ܒܓ݂ܕܝܕܐ) is a district in the north-east of the Nineveh Governorate (Ninawa) of Iraq.

Al-Hamdaniya District is divided between four sub-districts:[1]

  • Aski Kalak (Khabat) Sub-District, mostly Kurdish, some Assyrians and Yazidis ,
  • al-Namrud (al-Khidhr) Sub-District, mostly Arab and Turkmen, some Kaka'is, Shabak and Assyrian,
  • Bartillah (Baritleh) Sub-District, mostly Assyrian, some Shabak, Arab and Turkmen,
  • Qaraqosh (Bakhdida) Sub-District, mostly Assyrians, some Arabs, Shabak, Turkmen and Kaka'is.

Towns and villages include:

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