Affalterbach, Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm

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St. Michael

Affalterbach is a village (Ortsteil) of the Bavarian municipality of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm. There is a fossil site about 800 m northwest of the church; the site has been dated to about 16 million years ago (MN 5) on the basis of the presence of the small rodent Megacricetodon aff. bavaricus and the local stratigraphy.[1] The site also contains the dormice Miodyromys aff. aegercii, Glirulus diremptus, Microdyromys cf. complicatus, Prodryomys satus, cf. Bransatoglis sp., Muscardinus cf. sansaniensis, and Seorsumuscardinus bolligeri.[2]


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Coordinates: 48°33′50″N 11°31′51″E / 48.56389°N 11.53083°E / 48.56389; 11.53083

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