Aeroflot Flight 2022

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Aeroflot Flight 2022
Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-124V at Arlanda, April 1967 (cropped).jpg
An Aeroflot Tu-124V, similar to the one involved in the accident
Date 16 December 1973
Summary Failure of the horizontal stabilizer resulting in a loss of control
Site near Karacharovo, Russia
55°44′26″N 35°47′15″E / 55.74056°N 35.78750°E / 55.74056; 35.78750Coordinates: 55°44′26″N 35°47′15″E / 55.74056°N 35.78750°E / 55.74056; 35.78750
Aircraft type Tupolev Tu-124V
Operator Aeroflot
Registration CCCP-45061
Flight origin Vilnius Airport (VNO/EYVI), Lithuania
Destination Moscow-Vnukovo Airport (VKO/UUWW), Russia
Passengers 45
Crew 6
Fatalities 51
Survivors 0

Aeroflot Flight 2022 was a scheduled Soviet domestic passenger flight between Vilnius Airport in Lithuania and Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia that crashed on 16 December 1973, killing all 51 people on board. The five hundred mile flight suffered a loss of control as a result of a malfunction of its elevator, causing it to crash as it made its final descent into Moscow. At the time of the crash it was the worst accident in aviation history involving a Tupolev Tu-124, since it entered service with Aeroflot in 1962.[1]


The aircraft involved in the accident was a Tupolev Tu-124V, registered CCCP-45061, to Aeroflot. The Tu-124V was a variant of the original Tu-124 which had been introduced in 1962. The 'V' variant of the Tu-124 modified the aircraft to be able to seat 56 passengers, instead of the original 44, and also had increased range and payload capacity. CCCP-45061 was equipped with two Soloviev D-20P turbofan engines and had first flown in 1964. It was assigned to Aeroflot's Lithuania division. At the time of the accident, the aircraft had sustained 14,903 flight hours and 13,832 pressurization cycles.[2]


Five crew members were aboard Aeroflot Flight 2022. The flight crew consisted of:


At 18:10 MSK on 16 December 1973, CCCP-45061 took off from Vilnius Airport in Lithuania SSR and proceeded east on a flight to Moscow-Vnukovo Airport in Russia with six crew and 45 passengers on board. All of the passengers were Soviet citizens, with the exception of one who was a West German citizen. Flight 2022 climbed to a cruising altitude of 7,800 meters (25,600 ft) and at 19:03 MSK air traffic controllers in Moscow gave the pilots clearance to begin a descent to 5,700 meters (18,700 ft). At 19:11 MSK the pilots reported the aircraft had entered a steep dive and were having difficulties recovering. Just 2,000 meters (6,600 ft) above the ground the pilots were able to briefly stabilize the aircraft however it then entered a stall followed by a spin. At 19:13 MSK the aircraft crashed into the ground near the village of Karacharovo, northwest of Moscow. All 51 people aboard the aircraft were killed. At the time of the crash, visibility was reported to be 2-4 kilometers with haze and cloudy skies.[3]


An investigation ruled out engine problems or weather having playing a part in the crash. In addition, there were no physical jams in the aircraft's rudder, aileron, and wing trim tab components. Investigators determined that a spontaneous short circuit had caused the elevator trim tab to deflect to and maintain an upward position. As a result, the pilots lost horizontal control and entered into an irrecoverable dive.[3]

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