Governorates of Oman

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Governorates of Oman
محافظات عمان
Also known as:
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Category Unitary state
Location Sultanate of Oman
Number 11 governorates
Populations 44,516 (Musandam) – 1,475,795 (Muscat)
Areas 1,800 km2 (695 sq mi) (Musandam) – 99,000 km2 (38,300 sq mi) (Dhofar)
Government Governorance government, National government
Subdivisions Province
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Oman is divided into eleven governorates (muhafazah), and has been since 28 October 2011.[1][2][3] Each of the 11 governorates are divided into provinces (wilayat).

Governorate Arabic Main Town wilayat
Ad Dakhiliyah منطقة الداخلية Nizwa 8
Ad Dhahirah منطقة الظاهرة Ibri 3
Al Batinah North محافظة شمال الباطنة Sohar 6
Al Batinah South محافظة جنوب الباطنة Rustaq 6
Al Buraymi محافظة البريمي Al Buraymi 3
Al Wusta المنطقة الوسطى Haima (Hayma) 4
Ash Sharqiyah North مُـحَـافَـظَـة شَـمَـال الـشَّـرْقِـيَّـة Ibra 6
Ash Sharqiyah South مُـحَـافَـظَـة جَـنُـوب الـشَّـرْقِـيَّـة Sur 5
Dhofar محافظة ظفار Salalah 10
Muscat محافظة مسقط Masqat 6
Musandam محافظة مسندم Khasab 4

Regions and governorates before 2011

Before 28 October 2011, Oman was divided into five regions (mintaqah) and four governorates (muhafazah).[4] The governorates were Muscat, Dhofar, Buraimi and Musandam. Buraimi was created in October 2006 from parts of Ad Dhahirah Region. The regions are further subdivided into 61 provinces (wilayat). Each region has one or more regional center with a grand total of twelve.

Subdivision Arabic Main Town Area
of 2010
Regions (mintaqah)
1 Ad Dakhiliyah منطقة الداخلية Nizwa 31,900 326,651 8
3 Al Batinah منطقة الباطنة Sohar 12,500 772,590 12
5 Al Wusta المنطقة الوسطى Haima (Hayma) 79,700 42,111 4
6 Ash Sharqiyah المنطقة الشرقية Sur 36,400 350,514 11
2 Ad Dhahirah منطقة الظاهرة Ibri 37,000 151,664 3
Governorates (muhafazah)
9 Muscat محافظة مسقط Masqat 3,900 1,475,795 6
8 Musandam محافظة مسندم Khasab 1,800 31,425 4
7 Dhofar محافظة ظفار Salalah 99,300 249,729 10
4 Al Buraymi[5] محافظة البريمي Al Buraymi 7,000 72,917 3
Total Oman سلطنة عمان Masqat 309,500 2,340,815 61
A clickable map of Oman exhibiting its five regions and four governorates (pre-2011 administrative divisions).
Ad Dakhiliyah Region Ad Dhahirah Al Batinah Region Al Buraymi Al Wusta (Oman) Ash Sharqiyah (Oman) Dhofar Musandam Muscat GovernorateA clickable map of Oman exhibiting its five regions and four governorates.
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