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A6055 road looking south at the turning for RAF Leeming and Gatenby. The A1(M) is adjacent.
Route information
Length 25 mi (40 km)
Major junctions
Southwest end Knaresborough
  A59 A59 road
[ A 1 (M)  ] A1(M) motorway
A168 A168 road (ends here - Junction 48)
[ A 1 (M)  ] A1(M) motorway (starts here - Junction 50)
A61 A61 road
A684 A684 road
[ A 1 (M)  ] A1(M) motorway
[ A 1 (M)  ] A1(M) motorway
A6136 A6136 road
[ A 1 (M)  ] A1(M) motorway
A66 A66 road
A6108 A6108 road
North end A1(M), A66 road (future)
Leeming Bar (A1(M)) (current)
Leeming Bar
Catterick Bridge
Scotch Corner
Road network

The A6055 is a 25-mile (40 km) stretch of road in North Yorkshire that runs from Knaresborough to Boroughbridge, with a break, then starts up again at Junction 50 of the A1(M) to run parallel with A1(M) acting as a Local Access Road (LAR) going between Junction 50 and Scotch Corner. Responsibility for the route rests with the Highways Agency, as it is designated as a primary route associated with the A1(M) upgrade.[1]


It runs in a North-northeast direction from the A59 at Bond End in Knaresborough where it is called Boroughbridge Road, through the Stockwells Estate. It exits Knaresborough just past Greengate Lane where it turns directly north, before once again resuming a northeasterly direction at a sharp bend on the junction with Farnham Lane. It passes the Knaresborough Golf Club, before going through Ferrensby Lodge, and taking another Northerly turn before reaching Ferrensby itself. Beyond Ferrensby the road is called Harrogate Road, and it continues in a more or less exact northeasterly direction from Ferrensby to Spellow Hill, near Staveley, at which point it resumes its due North direction through Minskip, before turning Northeast one final time to its former terminus at junction 48 of the A1(M), just outside Boroughbridge. From here it runs in multiplex with the A1(M) for two junctions to junction 50 at Baldersby Gate Interchange. Northwards from here it follows the line of the former northbound carriageway of the A1, save for a few deviations onto the former southbound line, to a new terminus at Leeming Junction.[2]

Works are ongoing as part of the A1(M) upgrade between Leeming and Barton, which will see the A6055 continue north[3] on the western side of the newly opened A1(M)[4] and crossing over the new route in the Killerby Hall area and then take the formation of the old A1 road past Catterick to a new junction with the A6136 road on the western side of the A1(M),[5] before heading north as the A6136 through Catterick Bridge, switching to the west side and heading north up to Scotch Corner. Going north from Scotch Corner up to Barton Interchange it will be firstly on the west side and then transfer to the east side via an overbridge where it takes the formation of Kneeton Lane before meeting with the B6275 just east of Barton Interchange.[6] Work on this new section, and on the A1(M) upgrade and associated junctions is expected to be finished by the end of 2017.[7]

The old A1(M)

Before 2012 there was no section of A1 (M) motorway between the junction for the A168 and Barton, just after Scotch Corner.[8] This is where the old A1 road was sandwiched between the sections of the A1(M). It used to be in a Primary road Dual Carriageway standard use of junctions and 'give ways'. When the A1(M) was built there was no need of it any more so it was downgraded to a secondary status ripped down to a single carriageway standard. Now it is a useful road for non-motorway traffic since it joins the road where the A1 starts again toward Scotch Corner.

Safety and traffic flows

The new roundabout on the newly opened A6055 junction above the A1(M) west of Catterick village. The A1(M) is below the bridge where the two cars on the left are.

The stretch of road between Knaresborough and Boroughbridge has been described as "notorious" on account of its safety issues and local residents have asked for speed limits and traffic calming measures.[9] On this section, average traffic flow per day rose from 5,397 vehicles in 2000 to 7,982 vehicles in 2014.[10]

The average volume of daily traffic at the A6055 just south of the A684 junction was 4,730 in 2013 and 6,789 in 2014.[11]


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