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New Baghdad or Baghdad Al-Jidida (Arabic,بغداد الجديدة) is one of nine administrative districts in Baghdad, Iraq. This district has nine Neighborhood Advisory Councils (NAC) and a District Advisory Council. It is located east of the city center.[1][2]

This district was renamed 9 Nissan or Tisa Nissan. Nissan is the word for April, although most Iraqis do not yet use that name (9 Nissan). It is also known as 7 Nissan.[3]

  • 29. Shaab stadium, Bor Saeid sqr, Martyr's Monument (Al-Shaheed Monument)
  • 30. Muthana, Zayouna
  • 31. Ghadeer, Masaloon sqr
  • 32. New Baghdad neighbourhood (Baghdad Al jadida), Alef Dar, Al Khaleej
  • 33. Habibiya, Dur Al Umal, Baladiyat
  • 34. Mashtal, Ameen, Nafit, Rustomaniya
  • 35. Fedhailia, Kamaliya
  • 36. Al Husseinia, Ma'amal, Al Rasheed
  • 37. Al-Ubedy, Ma'amil 2

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  • Washington Post interview with LTC Kevin Farrell

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