51 Degrees North

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51° North
51 degrees - movie poster.jpeg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Grigorij Richters
Produced by Alexander Souabni
Grigorij Richters
Written by Grigorij Richters
Starring Moritz von Zeddelmann
Steven Cree
Steve Nallon
Jamie Doyle
Dolly-Ann Osterloh
Music by Brian May
Cinematography James Kinsman
Edited by David Milkins
Release date
Running time
88 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

51 Degrees North (sometimes stylized as 51° North) is a 2015 science fiction film written and directed by Grigorij Richters and starring Moritz von Zeddelmann, Steve Nallon, Jamie Doyle, Dolly-Ann Osterloh and Steven Cree. The film is visually presented as found footage shot from the perspective of various video recording devices, primarily from a hand-held camcorder operated by the main characters and from CCTV cameras and Social Media. The original soundtrack was composed by Queen and Brian May.


Damon Miller (Moritz von Zeddelmann) is a talented, young German filmmaker, living in London, grappling with the pressures of an impoverished profession and a dissolving relationship, who stumbles into the discovery that the Earth stands on the brink of an extraterrestrial disaster.

They inform Damon that the world will end in less than three weeks when a series of asteroids will strike the Earth. However, a glimmer of hope remains in the form of a secret space station orbiting the Earth that can house up to 2,000 people. In exchange for a ticket to this space station, they task Damon with documenting the final moments leading up to the asteroid strike.

Seeing an opportunity to save Ann and his unborn child, a chance to mend the rift his obsession has created, Damon accepts the assignment. As the end of days arrives, Damon watches London descend into madness, with families torn apart and friends lost. Armed only with his camera, Damon prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones he loves.


  • Moritz von Zeddelmann as Damon Miller[1]
  • Steven Cree as Michael Burlington
  • Steve Nallon as Professor Richards
  • Jamie Doyle as Frank
  • Dolly-Ann Osterloh as Ann
  • Frenzi as Frenzi
  • Snoopy as Snoopy


51° North was shot between 2011 and 2014 in and around London, initially using a skeleton crew and employing guerrilla filmmaking tactics. The crew included stunt coordinator Greg Powell whose previous credits include the James Bond, Harry Potter and Jason Bourne franchises.

The film was one of the largest productions ever to shoot at Piccadilly Circus, featuring over 2,500 extras.[2][3]


51° North Composer and Queen guitarist Brian May with the film's production team outside Sarm Studios after a recording session.

Brian May, guitarist of British rock band Queen composed the music for the film.[4]


51° North headlined the 2014 Starmus Festival[citation needed] and will be released on 30 June 2015.[5][6]

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