40 y Tantos

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40 y Tantos
Genre Telenovela
Written by
Directed by
Opening theme "I Want to Break Free" (Queen)
Country of origin Chile
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 134
Original network TVN
First shown in Santiago, 2010

40 y Tantos[1] (International Title: 40 Something) is a Chilean telenovela produced by TVN and directed by María Eugenia Rencoret and Ítalo Galleani. The series was written by Marcelo Leonart, Ximena Carrera, Andrea Franco, Carla Stagno and José Fonseca.


Diego (Francisco Melo), Rosario (Francisca Imboden), Marco (Francisco Pérez-Bannen) and Miguel Elizalde (Matías Oviedo) are four brothers who live the crisis forty and have just lost their father. Diego, who is the oldest, is in charge of his father's company, Elizalde Communications, where he works with his two brothers, Rosario and Marco, and his assistant and lover, Susana Jerez (Mónica Godoy). After Loreto Estevez (Paola Volpato), his wife, caught him in the act of infidelity with his lover, he tries to win her love over again[clarification needed] but Loreto[who?] asks for a divorce.

Rosario is a working single mother who has to deal with Diego as the chief of the family business and has to raise his son Cristóbal (Nicolás Brown), who is addicted to drugs and has connections with Joaquin Sarda (Andrés Velasco), his best friend and partner in the firm, who is going to marry Renata Santelices (Katyna Huberman).

Marco is a married gamer, who supports his family, and is immature as well as the only witness to the relationship between his niece, the daughter of Diego and Loreto, Fernanda Elizalde (Juanita Ringeling) and a professor of the university, Gaspar Mellado (Bastián Bodenhöfer), who is 30 years her senior.

Finally Miguel, the youngest brother, returns from abroad and learns of the death of his father. Miguel is supported by his brothers because he does not work and has to deal with the demons of a relationship he had with the wife of Marco, Tatiana (Claudia Burr), before he went abroad and which had a daughter, Camila (Javiera Osorio), which is supposed to be his brother.



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