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3Kingdoms (emblem).png
Developer(s) Project community
Engine LDMud
Release 1992
Genre(s) Cross-genre, MUD
Mode(s) Multiplayer

3Kingdoms, abbreviated 3K, is a MUD, a text-based online role-playing game, founded in 1992.[1]

Game characteristics

A screenshot of one of the many different initial login screens for 3K, as seen in MUSHclient

The MUD has a cross-genre setting; the eponymous three kingdoms are Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Chaos, the latter following an anything-goes satirical theme.[2][3][4] These settings connect through the MUD's central city of Pinnacle.[2][3]

A main point of player character differentiation is in the choice of "guild", which is an option resembling a character class, but which, on 3K, can only be chosen once the character has advanced through its first few levels.[2][3][5] The exception is the Adventurer guild, which new characters belong to by default.[6] The selection of guilds reflects the cross-genre setting, ranging from fantasy commonplaces such as knights, priests (formerly called clerics), mages, and necromancers to Jedi, cyborgs, Fremen and changelings (formerly called the animal guild).[2][3][4][6]

3K's Web site features ongoing news about the MUD; at one time this news feed was called the 3K New York Times.[2]


The MUD has received positive critical response for its friendliness to and accommodation of new players,[2][3] and has been noted as "well-loved and full of life".[5]

Technical infrastructure

3K is an LPMud running on the LDMud game driver with an unnamed custom mudlib.[1][2][7]


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