38th century BC

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Millennium: 4th millennium BC
State leaders:
  • 39th century BC
  • 38th century BC
  • 37th century BC
  • 3790s BC
  • 3780s BC
  • 3770s BC
  • 3760s BC
  • 3750s BC
  • 3740s BC
  • 3730s BC
  • 3720s BC
  • 3710s BC
  • 3700s BC
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The 38th century BC was a century which lasted from the year 3800 BC to 3701 BC.


The Jewish calendar's reference point is traditionally held to be about one year before the Creation of Adam and Eve, of our common early anthropocene world.
  • An earthquake near a Neolithic culture at Sotira in Cyprus destroys much of the local infrastructure.
  • Ubaid period came to an abrupt end in eastern Arabia and the Oman peninsula at 3800 BC.
  • In Syria, mass graves at Tell Brak, dating from ca. 3800 to 3600 BC, have been unearthed, suggesting advanced warfare around this period.
  • 3800–3200 BC – 120 Wedge tombs (Ireland)
  • 3760 BC – first year of the Hebrew calendar
  • c. 3750 BC – origins of Proto-Semitic language[1]

Calendar epochs

See: Human Era/Holocene epoch


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