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The 22nd Brigade was an infantry brigade formation of the British Army.

First World War

The brigade was a unit of the British Army during the First World War formed in September 1914, shortly after the outbreak of the Great War, from units of the Regular Army that had been serving overseas in the British Empire. The brigade was assigned to the 7th Division (nicknamed "The Immortal Seventh") and served on the Western Front and, later, on the Italian Front. After arrival in France in October 1914 the brigade fought in the First Battle of Ypres where, as most units involved in the battle, both British and German, sustained very heavy losses. As the war progressed and the more battles the brigade was involved in the composition of the brigade changed numerous times and the battalions were reinforced largely by volunteers for Lord Kitchener New Armies.

Order of battle in the First World War

The infantry battalions assigned to the brigade during World War I included:[1]

Second World War

The brigade was reformed, now designated the 22nd Infantry Brigade, during the Second World War, exactly a month after the opening of hostilities, by the redesignation of the 29th Infantry Brigade. As it was in the Great War, the brigade was composed entirely of troops of the Regular Army who had been serving in Egypt on the outbreak of war and was again assigned to the 7th Infantry Division until 3 November 1939 when it was redesignated as the 6th Infantry Division. The brigade left the 6th Division on 17 June 1940, coming under command of HQ Western Desert Force. On 2 September 1940 the 22nd Brigade was redesignated Headquarters Matruh Fortress and ceased to be an infantry brigade.

The number was subsequently reused to designate the 22nd Guards Brigade.

Order of battle in the Second World War

22nd Infantry Brigade was constituted as follows during World War II:


The following officers commanded 22nd Infantry Brigade during World War II

  • Lieutenant Colonel E.G. Earle (Acting, until 21 October 1939)
  • Brigadier J.T. Leslie (from 21 October 1939 until 26 July 1940)
  • Brigadier G. Dawes (from 26 July until 26 August 1940)
  • Brigadier A.R. Selby (from 26 August 1940)


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