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  • PresidentJoko Widodo
  • Vice President of IndonesiaJusuf Kalla
  • Governor of Banten – Wahidin Halim
  • Vice Governor of Banten – Andika Hazrumy
  • Governor of Gorontalo – Rusli Habibie
  • Vice Governor of Gorontalo – Idris Rahim
  • Governor of West Sulawesi – Ali Baal Masdar
  • Vice Governor of West Sulawesi – Enny Anggraeni Anwar
  • Governor of Bangka Belitung – Erzaldi Rosman Johan
  • Vice Governor of Bangka Belitung – Abdul Fatah
  • Governor of West Papua – Dominggus Mandacan
  • Vice Governor of West Papua – Mohammad Lakotai
  • Vice Governor of Riau – Wan Thamrin Hasyim
  • Chief JusticeMuhammad Hatta Ali


In this year, Indonesia has already happen disaster as in the sea, air, and natural disaster after half of year has passed time.


  • January 15
  • January 16 – Jakarta's Maritiem Museum in North Jakarta caught fire, workers and visitors in the museum were evacuated. No casualties.[2]
  • January 17 – Indonesian President Jokowi reshuffles cabinet.[3]
  • January 23
    • A Magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck the southern coast of Java. The epicenter of the quake was near Lebak, Banten at depth of about 60km. Two people died of heart attacks and 32 were injured. Hundreds of buildings including dozens in the capital Jakarta were damaged.[4]
    • The Argo Parahyangan executive train traveling from Jakarta jumped the railway track as it entered Bandung station. No fatalities or injured in incident.[5]


  • February 10 – At least 27 people have died after a bus plunged from a hill on West Java. 18 other people were injured.[6]
  • February 22 – At least nine people have been killed and 13 are still missing after a landslide cascaded down the terraced slopes of a rice field on Brebes, Central Java.


  • May 13-14 - Surabaya bombings
    • Three churches across Surabaya were attacked by suicide bombers. A total of 18 people were killed in the blasts and dozens more were wounded in the attack. The perpetrators were identified as a family from Surabaya.
    • On the evening, a bomb exploded inside an apartment complex near Surabaya, killing 3 people and wounded 3 others. The victims were terrorists and the blast was deemed as accidental. They planned to detonate the bomb the next day in churches.
    • On the morning of May 14, the Surabaya Police Headquarters was attacked by a family of suicide bombers. They detonated the bombs while they were being stopped by policemen. 10 people were wounded in the attack.


  • June 18- the scene of a ferry disaster, in which over 190 people drowned.



  • 13 October - At least 22 people have died and many are missing after heavy floods and landslides in Sumatera, Indonesia.[8]
  • 29 October – Lion Air Flight 610 crashes off the coast of Java, with 189 passengers on board.[112]



  • 5 January - Yon Koeswoyo - Musician (b.1940)
  • 15 January - Sujud Sutrisno - Street Musician (b.1953)
  • 23 January - Sys NS - Actor (b.1956)



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