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Events in the year 2018 in Belgium.



  • 17 May — 2-year-old Mawda Shawri killed by a police bullet[2][3][4][5]
  • 29 May — Two police officers and a civilian bystander killed in 2018 Liège attack
  • 31 August — Summer of 2018 is the hottest in almost 200 years[7]
  • 9 December – a political crisis emerged over whether to sign the Global Compact for Migration; N-VA is against whereas the other three parties support it. On December 4, the Prime Minister of Belgium, Charles Michel, announced that the issue would be taken to parliament for a vote.[8] On 5 December, parliament voted 106 to 36 in favor of backing the agreement.[9] Michel stated that he would endorse the pact on behalf of the parliament, not on behalf of the divided government.[10] Consequently, N-VA quit the government; the other three parties continue as a minority government (Michel II).
  • 16 December – More than 5,500 people marched in a protest against the Global Compact for Migration, organized by Flemish right-wing parties. A smaller counter-demonstration of around 1,000 people was organised by left-wing groups.[11]
  • 18 December – Prime Minister Charles Michel presented his government's resignation to the King, who accepted it a few days later.[12]








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