2018 Libertarian National Convention

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Libertarian National Convention
2018 Libertarian Party Convention Logo.png
Date(s) June 30–July 3, 2018
City New Orleans, Louisiana
Venue Hyatt Regency Hotel
Keynote speaker Amaryllis Fox
2016  ·  2020

The United States 2018 Libertarian National Convention will be held from June 30 to July 3, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


The theme will be "I'm THAT Libertarian!", a phrase uttered by the late Marc Allan Feldman in a Libertarian presidential debate at the 2016 convention.[1]


Chairman election

Nicholas Sarwark's seat as Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) will be up for election. Washington LP member Joshua Smith has announced his candidacy for the position.[2]

Vice chairman election

The seat of Vice chairman is also up for election, the incumbent being Arvin Vohra. Alex Merced, 2017 candidate for New York comptroller[3], Libertarian Youth Caucus founder Trent Somes III[4], 2018 Iowa gubernatorial candidate Jake Porter[5], Indiana activist Joe Hauptmann[6], Treasurer of the Libertarian Radical Caucus Steve Scheetz, and Montana Libertarian Joe Paschal are also seeking the office.

In January 2018 Arvin Vohra drew criticism for condoning sexual relations between adults and minors so long as affirmative consent is given, using the example of a 25 year-old male and a 15 year-old female.[7] Multiple state Libertarian parties demanded Vohra be relieved from his position, as well as The Libertarian Youth Caucus through Trent Somes III, one of Vohra's opponents in the vice chairmanship election.[8][9]


Poll source Sample
Date(s) Hauptmann Merced Paschal Porter Scheetz Somes Vohra Others
The Libertarian Vindicator[10] 248 January 2018 5.65% 46.37% 3.63% 8.06% 6.05% 19.76% 10.48% N/A


Notable speakers will include:[11]

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