2016 in the Republic of Macedonia

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the Republic of Macedonia

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The following lists events from the year 2016 in the Republic of Macedonia.





  • 7 April - Opposition leader Zoran Zaev pledges to boycott the parliamentary elections due to a lack of government reform.[1]
  • 10 April - Macedonian police tear gas refugees near the border with Greece.[2]
  • 13 April - Several people are injured in clashes to police and thousands of protesters in Skopje as some storm President Gjorge Ivanov's office.[3]
  • 15 April - Protests intensify after lawmakers agree to call for snap elections on June 5th. Opposition leader Zaev vowed to boycott the election.[4]
  • 17 April - Protests continue after Ivanov suspends an investigation into alleged corruption of a number of politicians.[5]
  • 18 April - Macedonia enters its second week of protests after Ivanov pardons politicians involved in wiretapping scandals.[6]
  • 20 April - As protests in Skopje grow, Zaev declares he will only take part in EU-brokered negotiations with the government if certain conditions are met like the withdrawal of pardons President Ivanov gave to politicians involved in wiretapping.[7]
  • 21 April - After Zaev's decline to take part, the European Union cancels talks about the crisis in Macedonia.[8] The EU is also considering sanctions against Macedonia for neglecting last year's agreement to investigate corruption and instead issuing amnesty to those involved.[9]



Singer Esma Redžepova was nicknamed Queen of the Gypsies


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