2014 Villa Somalia attack

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2014 Villa Somalia attack
Part of War in Somalia (2009–present)
Location of Mogadishu in Somalia
Location Mogadishu, Somalia
Date 21 February 2014
Attack type
Suicide bombing, shooting
Deaths >14
Suspected perpetrator

On 21 February 2014, Al-Shabaab militants launched a surprise attack on the Somali presidential palace Villa Somalia in Mogadishu, where the president and speaker of parliament live and have their offices. All nine of the attackers were slain during the ensuing shootout with palace guards and security, with at least five Somali security officials also killed.


The assault was presumably targeting government officials praying at the compound mosque.[1] The heavily armed fighters were traveling in three cars and were dressed in guard uniforms and red berets worn by security at the palace. They were able to talk their way through the outer perimeter of security. Once passed that, one of the cars rigged with a suicide bomb blasted through the compound's gate, thereby creating an entryway into the palace. Two of the suicide bombers were killed in the incident.[2] The seven other men dismounted their cars and engaged in an intensive shoot-out with palace guards. According to a senior official reporting about the attack, all of the militants died, with some blowing up themselves while others were gunned down. Several government guards also died during the exchange.[3]

The Al-Shabab militants were eventually overwhelmed by Somali government reinforcements along with AMISOM troops. Government casualties were estimated at five palace guards, including deputy intelligence chief of the Somali Army Gen. Mohamed Nur Shirbow and Mohamed Abdulle, a close aide to the prime minister. Several Somali soldiers were also reportedly killed. All nine of the attackers were slain.[4]

Somalian President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was reported unharmed along with the prime minister. The Interior Ministry subsequently held a press conference in front of the palace, where the bodies of seven of the attackers were displayed.[5]

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