2014 Emperor's Cup Final

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2014 Emperor's Cup Final
Date December 13, 2014
Venue International Stadium Yokohama, Kanagawa

2014 Emperor's Cup Final was the 94th final of the Emperor's Cup competition. The final was played at International Stadium Yokohama in Kanagawa on December 13, 2014. Gamba Osaka won the championship.[1]

Match details

Gamba Osaka
GK 1 Japan Masaaki Higashiguchi
DF 22 South Korea Oh Jae-suk
DF 5 Japan Daiki Niwa
DF 8 Japan Keisuke Iwashita Substituted off 77'
DF 4 Japan Hiroki Fujiharu
MF 15 Japan Yasuyuki Konno
MF 7 Japan Yasuhito Endo
MF 11 Japan Shu Kurata
MF 19 Japan Kotaro Omori Substituted off 87'
FW 39 Japan Takashi Usami
FW 29 Brazil Patric Substituted off 90+3'
GK 16 Japan Kohei Kawata
DF 6 South Korea Kim Jung-ya Substituted in 77'
DF 14 Japan Koki Yonekura
MF 17 Japan Tomokazu Myojin Substituted in 90+3'
MF 25 Japan Kenya Okazaki
FW 9 Brazil Lins Substituted in 87'
FW 20 Japan Akihiro Sato
Japan Kenta Hasegawa
Montedio Yamagata
GK 31 Japan Norihiro Yamagishi
DF 6 Japan Takumi Yamada
DF 17 Japan Takefumi Toma
DF 3 Japan Hidenori Ishii
DF 13 Japan Tatsuya Ishikawa
MF 7 Japan Ryosuke Matsuoka
MF 15 Japan Masaki Miyasaka
MF 10 Japan Shun Ito Substituted off 46'
FW 30 Japan Masato Yamazaki Substituted off 60'
FW 11 Brazil Diego
FW 24 Peru Romero Frank Substituted off 80'
GK 16 Japan Akishige Kaneda
DF 2 Japan Ryo Kobayashi
DF 4 Japan Shogo Nishikawa
DF 5 Japan Tetsuya Funatsu Substituted in 46'
FW 8 Japan Ryohei Hayashi Substituted in 60'
FW 9 Japan Yuki Nakashima Substituted in 80'
FW 18 Japan Hiroki Bandai
Japan Nobuhiro Ishizaki

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