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Cape Verde

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Timeline of Cabo Verdean history

The following lists events that happened during 2013 in Cape Verde.



  • Figueira Gordo Dam completed on Santiago Island
  • A new terminal which replaced the older terminal at the island's airport on São Nicolau Island
  • José Ulisses Correia e Silva becomes president of the capital city of Praia and served his second term for three years
  • April 30: During the festivities, the "Adega de Monte Barro" was inaugurated and the new wines were presented to the President, the prime minister and other officials of Cape Verde.
  • Third expansion of Porto Grande in the north on São Vicente Island begun
  • June: A campus of the Unviersidade de Santiago opened in Tarrafal de Santiago
  • June 29: Barragem de Salineiro (Salineiro Dam) opened, its location is 2 km north of Cidade Velha.[1]
  • July 2: Cape Verde giant skink (Macroscincus), also known as the Cape Verdean giant skink and Cocteau's skink was officially declared extinct by the IUCN, it was extinct after hunting for food and use for "skink oil" by natives of neighboring islands and prolonged drought.[2][3]
  • July 19: Barragem de Faveta (Faveta Dam) opened, its location is in Faveta, located approximately northeast to Picos[4]
  • October: Boa Vista Island's Aristides Pereira International Airport started flights with Tangier in Morocco by TAP Portugal[5]

, it mainly serves as a stopover with Lisbon

  • October 24 - Cape Verde decrees the official English-language rendering of its name to be the Republic of Cabo Verde.[6]
  • October 29: Barragem de Saquinho (Saquinho Dam) opened, it is located northwest of Assomada[7]
  • November 12: Porto Grande Bay became the fifth most beautiful bay in the world.[8]

Arts and entertainment

  • Another Land: Homage to John Ford, a film released
  • Mika Mendes's album Sem Limite released
  • Momento: Pupkulies & Rebecca Play Cabo Verde, a film released
  • Shouting: Tierra, a poet documentary film released
  • Carmen Souza's album Kachupada released
  • Tão longe é aqui, a documentary film released
  • Val and Roberto Xalino's album Bem Balançód released
  • April/May: the 21sh Praia da Gamboa music festival took place
  • May: the 5th Kriol Jazz Festival took place in Praia
  • July 13: the Cape Verde African Festival took place[9]
  • August: the 30th Baía das Gatas Music Festival took place
  • September:
    • the Santa Maria Music Festival took place on the island of Sal
    • the 4th Cabo Verde International Film Festival (CVIFF) took place


  • The 2013 Santo Antão North Zone Island League was the first season that the Second Division was added, Beira-Mar, Irmãos Unidos and Janela appeared in the lowest division
  • May 5: all qualifiers listed into the Cape Verdean football championships.
  • May 11 - 2013 Cape Verdean Football Championships began
  • June 22 - the Knockout stage of the 2012 Football Championships began
  • July 13 - CS Mindelense won their 9th national championship title
  • August 3: Académica do Sal celebrated its 50th anniversary
  • November 16 - Paulense celebrated its 32nd anniversary[10]


  • Bana (b. 1932), singer, balladeer and interpreter


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