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Season 2013
Champions Levadia II
Promoted Lokomotiv
Relegated Puuma
Matches played 180
Goals scored 633 (3.52 per match)
Top goalscorer Tõnis Starkopf
(28 goals)
Biggest home win Tammeka II 10–0 Puuma
(10 November)
Biggest away win Tulevik 0–7 Levadia II
(28 July)
Highest scoring Irbis 5-7 Lokomotiv
(18 September)

The 2013 season of the Esiliiga, the second level in the Estonian football system, is the twenty-third season in the league's history. The season officially began on 3 March 2013 and ended on 10 November 2013.[1] However, on 3 March the Estonian Football Association announced that all matches scheduled for 3 March 2013 would be postponed due to heavy snowfall.[2] The previous league champions Infonet were promoted to Meistriliiga while Pärnu Linnameeskond and Kohtla-Järve Lootus were relegated to Esiliiga B division. For this season those three teams are replaced by Jõhvi Lokomotiv from II Liiga East/North division and Viljandi Tulevik and Vändra Vaprus from II Liiga West/South division.


Stadiums and locations

Team Location Stadium Capacity
Flora II Tallinn Sportland Arena 600
Kiviõli Irbis Kiviõli Kiviõli Stadium 255
Levadia II Tallinn Maarjamäe Stadium 1,000
Jõhvi Lokomotiv Jõhvi Jõhvi Stadium 500
Puuma Tallinn Lasnamäe SPK Stadium 666
Tartu SK 10 Tartu Tamme Stadium 1,500
Tammeka II Tartu Tamme Stadium 1,500
Rakvere Tarvas Rakvere Rakvere Stadium 2,500
Viljandi Tulevik Viljandi Viljandi Stadium 2,506
Vändra Vaprus Vändra Vändra Stadium 277

Personnel and kits

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players and Managers may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

Team Manager Captain Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor
Flora II Estonia Jürgen Henn Estonia Erkki Kubber Nike
Kiviõli Irbis Estonia Erik Šteinberg Estonia Tõnis Starkopf Adidas
Levadia II Estonia Argo Arbeiter Estonia Kristjan Tamme Adidas Viimsi Keevitus
Jõhvi Lokomotiv Latvia Viktors Ņesterenko Estonia Boriss Gritsjuk Uhlsport Spacecom
Puuma Russia Dmitri Krasilnikov Estonia Aleksandr Boldõrev Adidas Kruze Disain
Tartu SK 10 Estonia Andrei Borissov Estonia Aleksandr Pruttšenko Adidas Ha Serv
Tammeka II Estonia Indrek Koser Estonia Ander Paabut Nike Metec
Rakvere Tarvas Estonia Reijo Kuusik Estonia Alari Tovstik Joma Aqva
Viljandi Tulevik Estonia Aivar Lillevere Estonia Raiko Mutle Hummel kalameister.ee
Vändra Vaprus Estonia Ranet Lepik Estonia Karel Otto Macron 4teams

Managerial changes

Team Outgoing manager Manner of departure Date of vacancy Position in table Replaced by Date of appointment
Viljandi Tulevik Estonia Raiko Mutle Resigned 31 December 2012 Pre-season Estonia Aivar Lillevere 8 January 2013[3]
Tammeka II Estonia Ivan O'Konnel-Bronin Replaced 18 February 2013 Estonia Indrek Koser 18 February 2013[4]
Flora II Estonia Norbert Hurt Signed by Flora 21 July 2013 7th Estonia Jürgen Henn 21 July 2013[5]

League table

Qualification or relegation
1 Levadia II (C) 36 20 10 6 94 41 +53 70 Ineligible for promotion
2 Jõhvi Lokomotiv (P) 36 20 9 7 80 39 +41 69 Promotion to the Meistriliiga
3 Flora II 36 17 6 13 56 54 +2 57 Ineligible for promotion
4 Rakvere Tarvas (Q) 36 16 8 12 68 58 +10 56 Promotion play-off
5 Tartu SK 10 36 17 3 16 58 67 −9 54
6 Tammeka II 36 15 7 14 70 57 +13 52
7 Vändra Vaprus 36 12 10 14 61 55 +6 46
8 Viljandi Tulevik (Q) (O) 36 12 10 14 46 57 −11 46 Relegation play-off
9 Puuma (R) 36 8 5 23 40 91 −51 29 Relegation to the Esiliiga B
10 Kiviõli Irbis (R) 36 7 4 25 60 114 −54 25

Updated to games played on 10 November 2013.
Source: Estonian Football Association (in Estonian)
Rules for classification: Points; Least withdrawals or annulled matches; Overall wins; Head-to-head points; Head-to-head goal difference; Goal difference; Goals scored.
If two or more teams on the top have the same amount of points by the end of the season, the aforementioned rules will not apply and additional game(s) will be played to determine the champions.
(C) = Champion; (R) = Relegated; (P) = Promoted; (E) = Eliminated; (O) = Play-off winner; (A) = Advances to a further round.
Only applicable when the season is not finished:
(Q) = Qualified to the phase of tournament indicated; (TQ) = Qualified to tournament, but not yet to the particular phase indicated; (RQ) = Qualified to the relegation tournament indicated; (DQ) = Disqualified from tournament.

Promotion play-off

At season's end, the runners-up of the 2013 Esiliiga will participate in a two-legged play-off with the 9th place club of the 2013 Meistriliiga for the spot in next year's competition.

Relegation play-off

At season's end, the 8th place club of the 2013 Esiliiga will participate in a two-legged play-off with the 3rd place club of the 2013 Esiliiga B for the spot in next year's competition.

Season statistics

Top goalscorers

As of 10 November 2013.[6][7]
Rank Player Team Goals
1 Estonia Tõnis Starkopf Kiviõli Irbis 28
2 Russia Nikita Kolyaev Levadia II 24
3 Estonia Andrei Jõgi Jõhvi Lokomotiv 13
Estonia Henry Rohtla Levadia II 13
Estonia Hannes Tiru Tammeka II 13
6 Russia Maksim Bazyukin Jõhvi Lokomotiv 12
7 Estonia Henri Hang Rakvere Tarvas 11
Estonia Toomas Mangusson Vändra Vaprus 11
Estonia Aleksandr Pruttšenko Tartu SK 10 11
Estonia Rasmus Tauts Tammeka II 11


Month Manager of the Month Player of the Month
Manager Club Player Club
March[8] Estonia Aivar Lillevere Viljandi Tulevik Russia Maksim Bazyukin Jõhvi Lokomotiv
April[9] Estonia Argo Arbeiter Levadia II Estonia Eero Eessaar Tartu SK 10
May[10] Latvia Viktors Ņesterenko Jõhvi Lokomotiv Estonia Raido Leokin Flora II
June[11] Latvia Viktors Ņesterenko Jõhvi Lokomotiv Estonia Karli Kütt Tammeka II
July[12] Estonia Norbert Hurt Flora II Estonia Alari Tovstik Rakvere Tarvas
August[13] Estonia Indrek Koser Tammeka II Estonia Joonas Ljaš Rakvere Tarvas
September[14] Estonia Ranet Lepik Vändra Vaprus Estonia Martin Kase Flora II
October[15] Estonia Erik Šteinberg Kiviõli Irbis Croatia Silvio Philips Tammeka II

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