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The following lists events that happened during 2010 in Yemen.




  • January 3 - The United States and United Kingdom close their embassies in Yemen, citing threats from al-Qaeda.
  • January 5 - al-Qaeda insurgency in Yemen
    • The Yemeni government launches campaigns in three provinces to battle al-Qaeda fighters.
    • The United States reopens its embassy in Yemen after strikes on al-Qaeda.
  • January 6 - Yemen arrests three suspected al-Qaeda members, including one leader, northwest of the capital Sana'a.
  • January 21 - Yemen stops issuing visas at international airports to "halt terrorist infiltration" following the Christmas Day bomb plot.
  • January 25 - Houthi fighters in northern Yemen offer to leave Saudi Arabia after three months of fighting on the border.
  • January 30 - The leader of the Shia Houthi rebel group in northern Yemen, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, says they will accept a ceasefire if government actions against them cease.


  • February 3 - Pirates off the coast of Somalia seize a North Korean-flagged cargo ship south of Yemen.
  • February 6 - 23 Yemeni government soldiers are killed by the Houthis in two separate incidents: 15 are ambushed in Wadi al-Jabara, while the remaining 8 die in Sa'dah.
  • February 12 - A ceasefire is declared between Houthi fighters and the Yemeni government in northern Yemen.


  • March 19 - President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh declares an end to his country's six-year war against the Houthis.
  • March 23 - United States issues new warnings of al-Qaeda threat to attack ships off coast of Yemen.
  • March 31 - Yemeni Minister of Justice Ghazi al-Aghbari and Palestinian ambassador to Yemen Bassem Al-Agha hold discussions on the issue of bilateral judicial cooperation.


  • April 6 - President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh frees prisoners as part of its support for the cease-fire.
  • April 26 - The British ambassador to Yemen, Timothy Torlot, survives an attempted suicide bombing.
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